Six kinds of bad behavior between husband and wife must not

There are a lot of behaviors between husband and wife. Many couples feel that each other is already familiar enough and understandable, and they become casual and do not care much about speaking and doing things. But the following six kinds of bad behaviors, if you really can’t, will push your marriage to the edge of the cliff. If you are not careful, it will lead to emotional breakdown. 1. Slack and renewed feelings will be dull after entering marriage. However, the dullness of marital emotions is only a representation. This kind of seemingly fresh and stimulating normal state, let some women think that the splendor is attributed to the plain and wonderful world. It seems that happiness has already been fixed, and there is no worry. But in essence, the plainness makes women useless, and allows men to leave time and energy under the plain cover, secretly swearing and talking about love. A woman is prone to paralysis in plainness. Once she finds an abnormality, she will be arrogant and arrogant, but in a dull state, she does not know that it should be prevented. Women must understand that there is a crisis lurking in the plain. Therefore, it is always necessary to consolidate emotions, strengthen communication, stimulate interest, and hold on to each other. Xiao Bian recommended: couple sex class remedy boring sex couples how to get along with each other 2, there is a difference between equality and fairness, but many couples confuse these two concepts. Equality is a matter of dignity, and fairness or not is more about gaining or losing. Emotion seems to be selfish, but it needs to be selfish in an unselfish way, because it pays emotions and gets emotions, but we only pay attention to the specific amount of material and the amount of material we get, which will inevitably make the emotion lose the additive effect. Emotion is a kind of balance effect. When you ask for a one-sided exchange in the marriage life, you will find that it is unfair everywhere. Because of the depth of emotions, there is no uniform conversion standard for the payment of material. If there is no emotional participation in giving and receiving, and getting and paying is a mechanical repetition, what do the couples do together? Besides, the husband and wife are one, why bother to distinguish you and me? Good couples are always happy with giving, because they give their minds and their happiness as their own happiness, so that giving and getting are all about improving emotions and love. If you pay 100 yuan, you still have to recover 100 yuan. What is the meaning of giving and getting? 3, bored For modern people, whether it is work or life, there is tremendous pressure. Houses, children’s education, parenting, medical treatment, career development, etc. For some people, the pressure is not that big. The pressure is so great that couples can easily fall into the sub-“sexual blessing” State, and finally even asexual state. The pressure is high, the couples are easy to get tired of each other, and easy to form habits. Mainly manifested in the impatience of communication between the two sides, the unwillingness to the other party’s kindness, the resentment of the other party’s normal requirements, and even the obstacles of communication between the two sides. Especially when the husband and wife bed is becoming a habit, it is a matter of time before the couple develops from boredom to rejection. When we are tired of one side, the other side should not be tired of being bored, but should look at the emotional state of both parties and find effective means of clearing. Being bored makes it easy for the other person to feel that there is no love in your heart. Even if there is love, it will make people feel that marriage is boring and love is suppressed. 4. The Cold War between the Cold War couples seems to be a normal thing. However, when the Cold War is serious, it is the critical state of marriage. The cold war between husband and wife is often due to anger or silent protest against the other party’s injury. Why do couples often get angry, usually because of words and deeds, which are not consistent with what they expect or think, or are not in sync. Because of anger or cold war, it is a reverse behavior of this behavior. The meaning of this kind of reverse behavior may be retaliation, there are checks and balances, verification, and there may be disappointing and even self-deprecating psychological trends in desperate mood. Bad words and deeds in marriage can easily cause harm to the other party. In the balance, it is easy to become a move that can’t be moved. Because of the temper and the cold war, it is easy to become a habit and constantly upgrade. Although, once or twice, the emotions can be repaired after the Cold War, but in the long run, the relationship between husband and wife is prone to unrepairable cracks. In the end, when one party shouts out enough, it may create a motive for a true divorce. The anger between husband and wife is only three minutes, and must not stay overnight. If you have something to say, even if you have two arguments, the cognac is still dry, it can’t affect emotions, and you can’t torture each other. 5, harsh for love and marriage, we have to look separately. When you are in love, you have to open your eyes, and after marriage, you have to close your eyes. Consciousness means that love should be fully understood and more rational. In that marriage, there will not be so many problems. Besides, there are problems, and you have already seen it, and you know how to deal with it. If there is no rationality in love, it is often easy to have problems after the marriage, only to close the eyes, it is called ignorance. But if you are in a marriage, you can’t always get used to each other, the other’s habits, or a small mistake, you have to blame, let the other person feel that you are small, or have ulterior motives, the couple’s feelings are difficult to maintain. When the harshness causes boredom, anger, cold war or quarrel, the emotion between the husband and wife will fall into a vicious circle. Even if the husband and wife are criticizing, they must pay attention to the method and do not damage the other’s self. Respect, otherwise, it is counterproductive. For example, if one party is underestimated in marriage, it is easy to have extramarital affairs when it is valued by the opposite sex in extramarital affairs. At the same time, blame is easy to cause anger, and gambling escalation leads to anger. For example, throwing things, or tearing up wedding photos, destroying valuable things and showing them to you to express his disappointment or contempt after despair. 6, suspicion of women seems to be more likely to become a suspect, it is easy to worry whether the other party will have an affair. For a woman who is ignorant and useless, once she finds an abnormal situation, she instantly falls into the abyss of suspicion from the state of indifference, the woman is sensitive because of psychology, and the man is physiologically sensitive. When a woman uses sensitive psychology, she realizes To the physiologically sensitive characteristics of men, they will be fidgeted by some phenomena and self-intuition. Women’s dispositions can easily magnify suspicions infinitely, and lose themselves in negative emotions, thus falling into huge uneasiness and resentment, even Produce a mentality of broken fish. In the face of this kind of emotional resilience, the poison of the woman’s heart will come out, replacing her original goodwill and becoming unable to control herself. Such a woman becomes even unreasonable, nervous, and without charm, self. Happiness will be gone, the biggest horror is that negative emotions lead them to be confused as clever, thus turning internal contradictions into contradictions between the enemy and the enemy, and the breakdown of marriage can no longer be recovered. If you want to be happy in marriage, just remember three sentences. First, the husband and wife are one; second, the words and deeds that are conducive to the emotional integration of the couple are good; the third is that the emotion is the solid focus of the husband and wife relationship. As long as these three points are kept in mind, the feelings between husband and wife will get better and better. 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