Sweet Love’s “The Song of the Four Seasons”

There are four seasons in a year. This is a natural law that cannot be changed. Love also has four seasons. In each season, the feelings of both men and women have different changes. Just make sure that every “season” love can be sweet and smooth, so that it can keep it at a constant temperature. The wonderful love of spring in love is the spring of love. In this season, you are full of embarrassment for your future, you feel that you and the other party will be happy forever. In the eyes of each other, the other side is full of vigor and attractive, and full of curiosity. You can’t imagine that you won’t love each other, everything is perfect, effortless. “One year is in spring”, it is important to enjoy a happy time, but don’t forget that this is a season of sowing and farming. A perfect dream is always easy to break. You should take care of this fragile feeling and lay a solid foundation for a bright future. The summer of love is a growing season. Through the romantic fire of spring, the couple began to discover that the other party was not as perfect as imagined, and frustration and disappointment followed. The giving and receiving of love and the sensitivity of each other are not as obvious as before. You find that sometimes you don’t always feel happy, you don’t always love each other, you may even suspect that this is not the love you expect. Those unrealistic, fantasizing that love is always a spring couple, began to resent the other side, disappointed with the current feelings, and even thought of giving up. >>>The couple’s feelings reflected in the sleeping position, however, A temporary difficulty is not necessarily a bad thing, because it proves that you are gradually maturing. Everyone makes mistakes, and in some ways, we are not perfect. You should start to discover some of the problems that exist between each other and work to improve the relationship between the two. You need to meet each other’s needs, because the other side needs your love more. The fall of love is always the season of harvest, and so is the fall of love. In the past season, you have carefully planted, cultivated, and irrigated, and all your care has paid off in this season. This is the golden season, which can bring you a sense of satisfaction. Of course, it is not that the love of this season is perfect, but your love is mature. In this season, share your feelings of happiness with your partner and share the fruits of love, which will make your love more solid. The winter of love will surely have a harsh winter in the four seasons you love. In this season, you are in an unresolved pain and depression, waiting for your results to be unknown. Whether it can resist the harsh winter, it all depends on you. In this season, many unresolved old problems and new problems will come to you in the future. The painful feeling begins to emerge. The only way you can get through this cold winter is to understand each other, tolerate and support each other. I believe that under your efforts, after the dark winter, the next spring will return again. It is because of hardships that your love is more stable. After this experience, your feelings will stand the test. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn