After 80s, couples need to keep in mind 7 principles

After 80s, they have gradually become the main body of society, and their marriage is gradually on the right track. However, since the post-80s period is in the transition period of the times, many things are not suitable for small couples to understand and understand. In order to make their feelings more solid and stable, there are 7 principles to be aware of after marriage. 1, less swinging the shelf. Don’t love your people before you put yourself in the same way as the saints (the saints). You are husband and wife, not outsiders. It’s okay to put a cool outside. If you go home, don’t put it on the shelf, lest you stir up the flames. 2. Economically, we must discuss more. Although you are married and have a life together, don’t treat the money in the other’s wallet as your own money. Money is money, love is love. Is it that she (he) gives all the wages to you is love? Then yours Love is too superficial. It is not the money of the family who is the husband or the wife, of course, to be controlled, to discuss the matter, who will manage the money to whom. 3, be diligent. People after the 80s have a common problem, they are lazy, and the housework is always pushed and pushed. As a result, no one can only make noise. So there is no way. Since you are living together, please be diligent. Don’t engage in hegemonism at home, do nothing at all, rely on the other side. 7, be diligent. People after the 80s, like a baby at home, parents are afraid of flying in their hands, and they are afraid of being in their mouths. Everything is like a baby. If you haven’t eaten too much, you don’t know that money is hard to come by. Especially after working, it is even more unreasonable to spend your own money. It is often the richest man at the beginning of the month, and the poor at the end of the month. The young couples still have to be frugal, otherwise they will find that they have no money at all. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: