How to achieve a woman’s independence after marriage

In the long-term relationship between husband and wife, many people do not know how to face life after marriage. I often feel that I am out of breath in my marriage. I feel that my partner has no interest in myself and even feels that my marriage is on the verge of collapse. In fact, most of the people who have these worried ideas are women, women who don’t know how to keep their charms. Is your charm really faded with the passage of time? This is not the case. As long as we pay more attention to our marriage, the charm of nature will not diminish, even if you have been married… give him The little space woman has a kind of kung fu called “Paste”. This kind of kungfu is like turning around the men around him, all the time, all the time. Maybe some men like to wrap their own women all day, but ask who will be a long-lost marriage without free space? So over time, the long-strained man will suddenly leave you, and you are still for yourself. In the end, what went wrong and suffered. Compared with giving each other some space, this kind of practice of letting the other party always want to contact you is somewhat risky, but it is really practical and the income is very impressive. >>>Look! How can a good wife stop her husband from making a fuss, you will arrange your own time, always let the man feel that the time you spend with him is so short, this feeling is like a small win, just like a new marriage, always fresh Feeling, I will always receive the “entanglement” of men’s hunger and thirst. However, it is important to note that this method can’t be too much. You must master the fire. Don’t let the other party see you for a long time. In fact, sometimes when a man is in a bad mood or in a moodless situation, a woman’s humor is a good medicine. Not only does it add unexpected surprises to your marriage, but it also relieves both of you. Therefore, women’s humor is also very necessary, do not think that humor is only a man’s patent. Focus on self-sexness How a woman maintains her personality can reflect the extent of her self-esteem. If he told her that he didn’t like the red lipstick, and that lipstick made her feel good, she would still use it. Grasping a man depends not only on knowing the truth, but also having his own personality and being a woman of personality. Such a woman is the most attractive. (Text / Li Yao) For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Gender Channel: