Explore the psychological dilemma of the older man!

Every time before the festival, there are always people asking how to do single dogs? Many older men and women work as an excuse for not to fall in love for the time being, not to marry, so that they become a man and a woman left unconsciously. Then, what are the psychological dilemmas of the remaining men, let’s come with Xiaobian. Let’s take a look! The women’s list around the age of 30 always sighs and can’t find a man who can safely “hand in”. Why? The men’s singles around are not too small, they are too big. The former is “post-80s” and the latter is “post-60s”. If a boy in his twenties is a child because he is not safe, then a single man in his forties is like an old house that has been idle for too long – dim lighting, chaotic furnishings, tangled Spider webs and the long-lost beams of the house will make women’s single emotions unable to help create fears that may be trapped in “black holes.” This is the reality of the older marriage market. When the “leftover women” have emancipated their minds and learned to enjoy themselves alone, the forty “leftover men” are in an unprecedented marriage anxiety because of the pressure of society, parents and colleagues, and become a “marriage madness”. “I used to regard marriage as dung, and now marriage looks like me.” This is the true mentality of many forty diamond kings. When they focused their attention on the young mm in their twenties and dismissed the older women in their thirties, they did not know that they had already become the antiques of the marriage market. How do men miss the “marriage season”? Most of them are blindly optimistic. He blindly believes that “the man has forty flowers,” the older the more valuable. It is this self-confidence that makes him always feel that the woman in front of him is not good enough. He either happily enjoys the love around him, or lives a single life, while waiting for the woman who is full of temperament and vicissitudes, even if there is no such woman in the world.