Careful long-term medication can lead to cold sex

Maybe you didn’t expect some young and middle-aged men to be cold. In people’s daily life, if some professional men are seriously affected by their psychological stress, under the dual pressure of work and life, it is easy to produce coldness. The coldness of men will not only hurt individuals, but also affect all aspects of life, so we must pay attention. So, what factors are related to men’s indifference? First of all, because the pressure is too large. Because modern people’s life is faster and the competition is more intense, many men are under too much pressure, especially those with poor psychological quality, anxiety and tension. Because frequent occurrence of excessive stress can cause endocrine disorders, damage the function of the cerebral cortex, leading to low sexual desire, leading to the emergence of indifference. For stressed men, they can relax and chat with friends. Or date your partner to relieve stress. Second, it is caused by some chronic diseases. If men have some diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis or kidney failure, these diseases will destroy normal hormone metabolism, slow down the flow of blood in the body, and reduce male sexual desire, leading to indifference. Third, bad habits of life If men are chronically interacting with tobacco and alcohol, chronic alcoholism can lead to liver poisoning, which will increase the level of estrogen in the body, and the level of androgen will decrease, making the hormone levels in the body imbalance, prone to low libido. . Some men usually stay up all night, exercise very little, make the body look tired, and the body fatigue does not want to have sexual desire, so it will appear cold as time goes by. Fourth, long-term use of certain drugs. If some men need long-term medication to treat certain diseases, such as some anti-hypertensive drugs, hormonal drugs and anti-psychotic drugs, men who take these drugs will appear very cold after taking these drugs. Therefore, patients who need to take these drugs must take it under the guidance of a doctor. If the patient is cold after taking the medicine, he should communicate with the doctor in time and replace other items with the fifth, because men and women lose their sense of novelty. Some men and women are too familiar with each other because they have been in contact for a long time, or have been married for many years. Sex life is nothing new to them, so they are tired of their partners and don’t want to have sex. Therefore, couples should communicate more to avoid affecting their feelings. In short, the indifference of some men may be temporary. As long as the rest and good mood can be adjusted, the communication between husband and wife will be more, which is very helpful for improving indifference. However, when men are in a state of indifference for a long time, they should receive active treatment. Otherwise it will cause physical and mental harm. Only timely treatment can be restored