Why do single men don’t want to get married?

In the cruel reality, many men and women stop outside the marriage, do not dare to step into the marriage of the thunder pool, for fear of entering the besieged city will bury a sweet love for many years, ruin the happiness of the two. When I fall in love, I face only the pure love of two people, and marriage is simply a “game” between two families. Marriage was originally a happy event, but in some respects it was a “torture” for the groom and his family. From the renovation of new homes, to weddings, to wedding ceremonies, many aspects were undertaken by the man. If you are lucky enough to run into a fragrant woman’s family, it will be enough for you to meet a critical person. Just married, men are prone to conflict, this is not childish and irresponsible, but a normal inner impulse. Many families, especially in China, once men reach their twenties, their families begin to urge them to marry. This is the beginning of a marriage fear for men, because they feel that their ideas about marriage are not yet mature, but they Let parents at home urge them to resist marriage even under pressure. In some marriage relationships, many of the young men’s emotions began to decline on the day of marriage, which would be nervous, anxious and overwhelmed, so they wanted to escape from reality. Originally entering the marriage from reality, people will be at a loss to a certain extent, and the surrounding family and friends will make a vague concept or explanation of his inner thoughts, which will make him appear nickname and fear. Although after the marriage, I found that it was not so fearful after a slow discussion, but it also affected the feelings of both sides because of a psychological fear that began before and after marriage. The attitude and psychological characteristics of men in love and after marriage are obviously different. In love, men always form a feeling that women are weak, so they will generally care for women. Women are also taught to be dependent on each other and seem to be weak because they are always educated by the idea of ​​”doing too much for a man who likes it.” However, when the wife is married and ready to prepare meals for her husband for a while, the husband may naturally think that this is justified. If one day does not, he will ask in confusion: “Why didn’t you have a bath today?” In his opinion, “I am working, you are eating,” this is already a model. Until one day, the wife will ask, “Occasionally eat a meal outside.” He will start to groan in his heart: “It is a person who loves to spend money.” “I am so confused when I find such a lazy person. “Men get married, and most of them trust a realistic principle.”