Why do you have to give money to your wife to have nine benefits?

Although the current divorce rate is relatively high, but happy marriages abound, the love of Lu Yi and Bao Lei in the entertainment circle has always been like a first sight from the university. Lu Yi, as a male god of high value, has brought us for so many years. A lot of excellent works, but people have been zero scandals outside. Therefore, some men worry that their wives are not reliable after marriage. First of all, they have to ask if they are reliable people. So why give money to your wife to keep it? 1) You should especially like to watch your wife’s money when dancing. The wife is happy, you are more happy. 2) Because you give your money to your wife, your wife is praising you outside, and you are a famous husband in her family. 3) It is very troublesome to go to the bank to save money every month and to manage money at home. As a result, my wife has handled it for me. She is very happy. 4) Avoid the trouble of the housekeeper, home water, electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone, cable, digital, baby calcium, cod liver oil, diaper, fruit, wet wipes….. It’s very troublesome, but my wife can’t help but manage it; 5) The family and you, your wife is infinitely gentle and infinite. Woman, you are a good point for her, she is still very good. For example, the wife of the chores will not let you get your hands off. When I get home from work, she will give you a massage. Of course, you have to wash your clothes once and bring your baby. She is always in the heart. 6) Although you have paid the money, your wife will never let you have less than 4 money in your wallet. You have never been short of money. time. Instead, she put money into my wallet, you “speak” that she gave too much, let her put less. 7) It is more in line with the tradition of Chinese loving couples to put money together. (Although this tradition is rare among couples under the age of 35), what is the difference between letting you put her here? We are the world. The most loving couple! What is the husband and wife? It is a blessing to use the pinyin. 8) In the economy, putting money together and planning together can better control the family economy and avoid waste, excessive consumption, and repeated consumption. 9) Wife’s income is much less than you, but in the name of the family economic lifeline, women, do not have a comfort! This also reflects the gentlemanliness of a man. The gentleman’s demeanor of the foreigner is reflected in the public occasions for other women, the Chinese gentleman’s gentleman’s demeanor is only for his wife, which is called Feishui does not flow outside the field. In most families, the financial power of the family, the man will be handed over to his wife, if the other half is a defeated mother, of course, another matter. However, women will live very much. It may be worthwhile to hand over the financial power and save a lot of unnecessary trouble. If a man is attacked by calculations in marriage, the woman will certainly not live with him with one heart. What kind of love and love does the husband and wife also talk about?