6 personality life psychology experienced by women

In recent years, with the continuous exchange of cultures at home and abroad, Western culture has been introduced into the country in large quantities, so in terms of gender health, the Chinese are more open than before. Especially in some film and television dramas, the number of pornographic clips is increasing, stimulating people’s attention. Recently, some experts pointed out that women’s sexual psychology will experience six major stages, what are they? 1. Lips from birth to one year old. In this period, the satisfaction of infant sexual pleasure is mainly based on the lips, and the baby gets pleasure in sucking sucking. At this stage, if the lips need to be unsatisfied or satisfied too much, a lip-type personality will occur, which is highly dependent and gluttonous. 2. The anus period starts from the age of one and lasts until the age of two. At this stage, the venting function becomes the main target of infant sexual pleasure, and the baby is greatly happy from the excretion activities. The main task at this stage is to develop young children’s self-control through training on time and in bed. If this stage of psychological conflict occurs, it will cause an anal personality. Such people are not too arrogant and rude, or they are extremely pity and conservative. 3. The genital period is also known as the sexual bud period, from two to three years old. Until the initial stage of the genital period, the baby’s sexual energy is directed at himself, and his happiness is self-satisfaction. Significant changes occurred in the later stages of the genital period. Young children begin to point the sexual energy to the outside objects, the boy’s sexual desire points to the mother, called the Oedipus complex, and the girl’s desire points to the father. When a boy’s desire points to his mother, he must unconsciously compete with his father for love and hostile to his father. This kind of conflict leads to another complex–castration complex, the little boy is afraid of his father, afraid that he will punish his own love relationship, castrate his genitals, and the boy then gives up the Oedipus complex and turns to be assimilated with his father. The sexual psychology of girls has also undergone a process of assimilation from the father to the abandonment of the father and the mother. At this stage, the child’s personality, gender identity, and moral conscience have begun to form. This is the most important development of life. stage. 4. The incubation period After the experience of the Oedipus complex, the child’s sexual psychology enters the incubation period. During this period, the child’s sexual desire remains silent, and he is indifferent to the opposite sex. Most of the games are looking for same-sex partners. 5. Adolescence in the adolescent gonads increased the libido impulse, if the psychological conflict in the genital period was satisfactorily resolved, the individual will turn Libido energy to someone outside the family and start a mature heterosexual . 6. As long as the reproductive period can successfully solve the conflicts of all the above sexual psychological stages, the individual can reach a perfect state. He is mature in sexuality, social relations and mental health, has a strong self, and can control inappropriate Sexual impulses. Freud believes that healthy people in this sense are rare. However, some experts disagree with this view. They think that babies do not have any sexual psychology, and there is no sexual desire. Xiao Bian believes that this still has some truth. After all, all aspects of the baby period are not fully developed. It is too early to mention sex-related topics.