a series of changes in the body after sex

For single older men and women, long-term lack of sex is a very dangerous thing. Women will feel that they will become tighter when they don’t love themselves for a while, no, no, men often don’t have sex, and penis erection will problem appear. 1. First of all, the “small garden” will not tighten the small garden. It has nothing to do with the sister’s frequency. Therefore, forcibly stopping the small garden can make the small garden compact. Of course, you will not let the small gardens become slack, but it is still feasible to do more related exercises to strengthen the tightness. 2, the younger brother may not be able to rise. This discovery is annoying, but we need to talk to the brother who is shutting down. Stopping cockroaches is likely to cause dysfunction. An amazing result for the elderly experiment, all older people agree that regularity is very helpful for the male. Invasion and retreat, not to mention the fact that studies have shown that regular males can prevent prostate cancer. So even if you do it yourself, it is better than nothing. 3, the immune system is weakened, it seems to improve the body’s immunity (for the sister, this means that the chance of conception will be greater). On the contrary, if you open it once a year, the above benefits will not only be missed by you, but cold infections will make it easier for you to find you, and your immunity will get worse. 4, the desire will decline, although this point has not been fully confirmed. However, many doctors are pushing hard to promote regular exercise. They believe that once stopped, the body will further inhibit hormone secretion and reduce desire. However, some doctors also think that it varies from person to person. After all, some people shut down for too long, and the body continues to accumulate the power of the wild only to erupt. 5, easy to feel the existence of stress Many studies have considered that the pressure of a small number of people is relatively large. The study found that people who do not have a normal life expect a higher blood pressure than normal people. Especially for those who are used to using sputum as a means of blood pressure reduction, stopping sputum may affect your daily life and make your ability to withstand stress plummet. Three factors that determine the frequency of sexual love: Feelings: The feeling of a partner is the determining factor of sexual desire. If you are no longer interested in him or her, even full of resentment, sexual desire is certainly not high. Mood: A depressed, perennial person who is stressed and anxious, it is difficult to have an interest in sex, because sex requires passion and relaxation. Age: Studies have shown that male sexual desire peaks between 18 and 25 years old and women between 35 and 45 years old. Since then, sexual desire has gradually weakened. If the husband and wife are at different ages, the frequency of sex is likely to be inconsistent. At this time, the couple should understand and support each other. In fact, sex is not just the frequency of sexual intercourse. Healthy sex life The content includes masturbation, sexual dreams, play without sexual intercourse but orgasm, and they all bring an orgasm experience. 6. Cardiovascular health may be affected. Life is closely related to cardiovascular health. It not only helps the body to secrete hormones, but it is also an excellent aerobic exercise. If there is a long truce, the blood supply to the heart will be lacking. Single brothers are not unruly, run more. After all, you can do so, you can reduce the anxiety of lack of life, but also exercise cardiovascular.