Secret! Women’s most want to love when they love

The relationship between the two people always needs some opportunities. As the saying goes, “the firewood is the most flammable.” However, in fact, at these moments, women are also easily confused and have something to happen. One: This girl is often more lively and her temper is more violent. It is often after a quarrel with a boyfriend, deliberately use a one-night stand to calm down their mood. In fact, their hearts just want to vent, like a child, the heart is thinking that anyway, boyfriend does not care about me, I want to deliberately anger him. In fact, she just wants to find someone to care for her, so it is often easy to have a one-night stand with a boy who can comfort her to find the loss. However, after a one-night stand, after calming down, I began to regret what I had done. Quoting Quotes: Men often regret not having a relationship with a woman; Women regret having a relationship with a man. I hope that this kind of girl can calmly consider three minutes before looking for a one-night stand. In fact, you can balance your mood with a more appropriate method, such as chatting… II: Injury is the root of girls who frequently find a one-night stand. From the wounds in their hearts. The most is abandoned by the boyfriend, and this boyfriend is often their first man, the first man who thought that he could entrust his life. Therefore, after breaking up with them, the psychological was greatly hurt, not to believe in love, so began to deliberately indulge themselves, using one-night stand to make up for the wound of their heart. And because of the disappointment of love, coupled with the hatred of their own indulgence, this complex feeling will lead to psychologically think that they are a bad girl, more indulge themselves, so frequently find a one-night stand. In fact, it is just an emotional catharsis. They use extreme feelings to release the gloom of their hearts. The one-night stand at this time is just a disguised self-abuse for them, like a wounded beast, but they are constantly tearing open their wounds. Let the wounds continue to bleed… I want to tell this kind of girl is: In fact, it is not necessarily painful, you can feel your own existence, in fact, you can change back. It is not easy for people to live alive. Please cherish yourself and cherish your body. Three: Lonely and lonely hearts often need to be comforted. When the long night, when no one is accompanying, the psychological loneliness is often the reason for the one-night stand-up of single women. In fact, the need for sex is not great, just want to find someone to accompany you and spend a long night with yourself. One-night stand is a kind of filling of warm aspirations and fear of loneliness. These girls are generally open-minded and advanced in their thinking… full of cravings for romantic feelings. What I want to say is, pay attention to contraception… Four: the pursuit of sexual desire. Food color, sex also. With the opening of ideas, many women express their desires more directly. They look for a one-night stand is naked sexual demand, often divorced, her husband is not around for a long time … In fact, women and men have physical needs for sex, so they are eager to meet their physiological needs through one-night stand. Freud interrupted in “The Future of an Illusion,” “Man is a low-energy, mentally retarded creature dominated by instinctive desires.”