How do Japanese female prisoners solve the problem of sexual depression?

Lead: Female prisoners in six women’s prisons in Japan are facing serious sexual repression. One-third of the country’s nearly 2,800 female prisoners are around 30 years old, just as the year of tiger wolf eager for sex. “But the long-term prison life has made these prisoners’ physiological needs unsatisfied, resulting in restless emotions.” More seriously, more than half of female prisoners have a drug addiction tendency, which makes them feel hungry in prison. The female prisoner is not a jailer, the cleaners are not let go of the writer Sayuri Yokota used to be a prisoner, and now she is an anti-drug campaign activist. In an interview, she pointed out that no matter what kind of man in prison, there is a great sexual attraction to female prisoners. “They are hard to see men in prison, even the guards are women, so the ugly men don’t care for them. I have to go to the workshop when I am serving a sentence, there is a very fat big man guard, but Every female prisoner is willing to let him do whatever he wants, because he also privately sells painkillers to female prisoners. Some female prisoners will tease any male who can be reached, even 50-year-old cleaners – as long as they can make him erect “You can do it quickly and hard,” Sayuri Yokota said. Bundle the ballpoint pen as a penis Another girl named Momoko once served a sentence in the Wakayama Women’s Prison in Japan. She recalled how the past prison career turned pure girls into widowed sluts: “After three months, there will be male artists going to prison to perform for female prisoners, but we are all staring at the man’s crotch, imagine using What a wonderful touch will be brought by the hand.” Female prisoners will also make some “sex toys” to solve the need. Momoko said that the most common way to play is to bundle 7 ballpoint pens with rubber bands and plastic bags on the outside. It became a dildo for masturbation. However, the prison has only three ballpoint pens for each prisoner, so you must borrow money from others if you want to have fun. Some female prisoners need to get more than 10 pens when masturbating, saying that they can get the size of their husband or boyfriend. Catching the frogs into the lower body and masturbating with the pen, the other sex games of the female prisoners seem incredible. Momoko told reporters, “Sometimes when the wind catches the frog, we will bring the frog back to the cell, and then we can open the ‘frog fornication party’. Everyone first determines the order, then turns the live frog into the lower body, frog In the vagina, you will be surprised by the fright, which will bring a very wonderful feeling. “Playing this kind of game needs to be careful, Momoko said that if you are too excited and too much force to shrink the vagina, you may suffocate the frog, other women Prisoner Didn’t have to play. This is a common occurrence in prison, and even prisoners fight for frogs. Gay banned female prisoners use their toes to meet each other. Some female prisoners become masculine during their imprisonment. They ask managers to shave their heads on a monthly haircut day, so that other prisoners can know that they are gay. However, according to Akiko, this obvious homosexuality may not work in prison. “If you try to talk to masculine prisoners, the guards will be angry because the prison does not promote homosexuality. Once the love letters you write to them are discovered, you will be punished, such as confinement or deprivation of parole. So even if every female prisoner feels that the masculine prisoners are sexy, they can’t easily get in touch.” However, if the female prisoners are lucky enough, they can open their legs at night and let others else if they are not aware of it. Female prisoners use their toes to meet their needs, but it is also very difficult to do so. Momoko said that he can only take two baths a week in prison, so you must make sure to wash your feet immediately when you wake up in the morning, otherwise your toes will be contaminated with the secretions of other female prisoners, which will let everyone know that you are doing it. What? <<<The night of the river, her tongue is free on me