Is it sin to try to live together?

Ten years ago, unmarried cohabitation was only sneaky. Ten years ago, if someone publicly publicized and lover was trying to get married, people would classify their behavior as “rogue”. Ten years ago, the rose that tried to live together as a shy answer quietly bloomed, and in today’s age of love roses, the trial marriage is like a spring breeze, and the trees are blooming. Entering the new millennium, the children who were naive and pure ten years ago have grown up quickly and are no longer the fruit of the branches. We used to call them “new new human beings”. The new people’s thoughts and behaviors have different styles. They question the form of marriage and pursue the perfection of the spiritual world. They even ignored the traditional ideas and declared to the world that marriage and cohabitation are not sins! The words “trial marriage” and “cohabitation” are used in the discussion of new and new human beings, and in the frequent use of new and new human beings. The words “love”, “meal”, “go to work” are just as common. No one will doubt your character, morality, and life value orientation because you talk about these previously sensitive words. New and new humans feel that the two loved ones are arrogant to marry! They live together because of love, build a fairytale crystal palace with nightmares and love words, let the rumors of human rumors, do not want people outside to guess what, in the crystal house The story is in full swing. New and new human beings are not allowed to interpret the word “chastity”. In their view, “chastity” is a product of feudal ethics, and it has long since become obsolete. They pointed out sharply that chastity should not be lost or lost, but should mean whether emotional investment is specific. In the eyes of new and new human beings, trial marriage is a love that is melted into sex. When emotions are dissolved into sex, it is essentially different from the love of kissing, so new people are more focused on the specificity of emotions. Faithful to the sense of responsibility of their own emotions, so that new and new humans despise beyond all external and social constraints, and “one-night stand” will be rejected by them! Will newcomers abandon marriage? The answer is no, how much value does a relationship have? Love, cohabitation, and trial marriage are not enough to prove the problem. A cautious marriage will become a scale to test this relationship. The trial marriage cohabitation chosen by the new human beings is just a prelude to marriage. They learn more about themselves through this preparatory song, know what they hate, don’t care about, and learn how to resolve conflicts between people who deeply love them. . Before advocating the results, the new and new human beings are more concerned about the course of their emotions. If the passionate smoke dissipates and the contradictions come, they will try their best to save them, but if it is a mistake, they will still be free and easy to accept after heartbreak and crying. New and new human beings are happy generations. They are welcoming an era of openness, freedom and democracy. The society respects the lifestyle they choose. However, free and easy marriage and cohabitation will not last forever, whether it is a man or a woman. The age of all needs a stable and normal home. However, new and new human beings will not give up the process of trial marriage and cohabitation because of this. Everything has to be experienced before they are more cherished. Whether we understand it or not, the new human beings are still fearless to the worldly declaration: trial marriage is not a crime!