How do ugly men find beautiful women as wives?

If ugly men attract beautiful women not because of banknotes, what secret weapons can they have? What can make men who are not astonishing have a girlfriend who is “closed-monthly”? First, ugly men must determine two The basic strategy of dating a pretty woman. First, wait patiently. That is, patiently waiting for the appearance of beauty and actively looking for and discovering women with beautiful qualifications; second, moving with heart. For those beautiful women who are so alone because of the extreme dislike of the love games played by beautiful men, the most hope is that a man who is honest, trustworthy and humorous brings a sense of stability to her life. That is to say, he wants to give her a woman who wants to get everything from a man —— except for the pretty face. Thus, the ugly man needs to become: a sly person who speaks with absolute confidence and chooses the right words that will make her feel good. Ugly men are often able to engage in witty and funny conversations. A positive and interesting person Most women like to have some fun and excitement in their lives. They are willing to be with men who can make them laugh and be excited. A beautiful man is too confident in his appearance, always thinking that this is enough to impress a woman, thus ignoring the need to make the date full of excitement. The ugly man knows this and uses it to make the impression of the date in the woman’s heart. A romantic man woman wants a man to bring romance into her life, making her feel different —— not only the feeling of the body, but also the feeling of the spirit. Therefore, if the ugly man can bring her spiritual satisfaction while satisfying her physical desires, he will be able to live with her for the rest of her life. It is vital that a mature man keeps relationships full of fun and excitement. However, life is not a fun-filled game. Only know that this man can bring her spiritual and life stability. People will feel pragmatic. Impressed by ugly men, it is not always necessary to go to the sand to pan for gold. Sometimes they can also win the hearts of “all-star” women —— Because they never subjectively infer to pretty women. The reason why a wealthy woman finds it difficult to find true love is that she does not pay great attention to men for money. The man who really loves women is not obedient to money and does not express love to rich women. This is sometimes the case with pretty women. In fact, pretty women often have difficulty getting to know more men. Most men stop because of her appearance, think that she is so beautiful, she must be self-confident, and she must refuse herself. She must have a famous flower, and she must be arrogant and hellip; … a few men who dare to approach her are often masters of love. Think of her as another prey. The ugly man who has the courage to date a pretty woman is a clear-cut person. They know that in most cases, pretty women are actually very lonely, often used by others and longing for men’s true love — — love her people instead of her body. In this case, the ugly men who have the courage are the winners, because they are not afraid of losing something, and once they get it, they are brilliant victories.