How do ugly men find beautiful women as wives?

If ugly men attract beautiful women not because of banknotes, what secret weapons can they have? What can make men who are not astonishing have a girlfriend who is “closed-monthly”? First, ugly men must determine two The basic strategy of dating a pretty woman. First, wait patiently. That is, patiently waiting for the appearance of beauty and actively looking for and discovering women with beautiful qualifications; second, moving with heart. For those beautiful women who are so alone because of the extreme dislike of the love games played by beautiful men, the most hope is that a man who is honest, trustworthy and humorous brings a sense of stability to her life. That is to say, he wants to give her a woman who wants to get everything from a man —— except for the pretty face. Thus, the ugly man needs to become: a sly person who speaks with absolute confidence and chooses the right words that will make her feel good. Ugly men are often able to engage in witty and funny conversations. A positive and interesting person Most women like to have some fun and excitement in their lives. They are willing to be with men who can make them laugh and be excited. A beautiful man is too confident in his appearance, always thinking that this is enough to impress a woman, thus ignoring the need to make the date full of excitement. The ugly man knows this and uses it to make the impression of the date in the woman’s heart. A romantic man woman wants a man to bring romance into her life, making her feel different —— not only the feeling of the body, but also the feeling of the spirit. Therefore, if the ugly man can bring her spiritual satisfaction while satisfying her physical desires, he will be able to live with her for the rest of her life. It is vital that a mature man keeps relationships full of fun and excitement. However, life is not a fun-filled game. Only know that this man can bring her spiritual and life stability. People will feel pragmatic. Impressed by ugly men, it is not always necessary to go to the sand to pan for gold. Sometimes they can also win the hearts of “all-star” women —— Because they never subjectively infer to pretty women. The reason why a wealthy woman finds it difficult to find true love is that she does not pay great attention to men for money. The man who really loves women is not obedient to money and does not express love to rich women. This is sometimes the case with pretty women. In fact, pretty women often have difficulty getting to know more men. Most men stop because of her appearance, think that she is so beautiful, she must be self-confident, and she must refuse herself. She must have a famous flower, and she must be arrogant and hellip; … a few men who dare to approach her are often masters of love. Think of her as another prey. The ugly man who has the courage to date a pretty woman is a clear-cut person. They know that in most cases, pretty women are actually very lonely, often used by others and longing for men’s true love — — love her people instead of her body. In this case, the ugly men who have the courage are the winners, because they are not afraid of losing something, and once they get it, they are brilliant victories.

Is it sin to try to live together?

Ten years ago, unmarried cohabitation was only sneaky. Ten years ago, if someone publicly publicized and lover was trying to get married, people would classify their behavior as “rogue”. Ten years ago, the rose that tried to live together as a shy answer quietly bloomed, and in today’s age of love roses, the trial marriage is like a spring breeze, and the trees are blooming. Entering the new millennium, the children who were naive and pure ten years ago have grown up quickly and are no longer the fruit of the branches. We used to call them “new new human beings”. The new people’s thoughts and behaviors have different styles. They question the form of marriage and pursue the perfection of the spiritual world. They even ignored the traditional ideas and declared to the world that marriage and cohabitation are not sins! The words “trial marriage” and “cohabitation” are used in the discussion of new and new human beings, and in the frequent use of new and new human beings. The words “love”, “meal”, “go to work” are just as common. No one will doubt your character, morality, and life value orientation because you talk about these previously sensitive words. New and new humans feel that the two loved ones are arrogant to marry! They live together because of love, build a fairytale crystal palace with nightmares and love words, let the rumors of human rumors, do not want people outside to guess what, in the crystal house The story is in full swing. New and new human beings are not allowed to interpret the word “chastity”. In their view, “chastity” is a product of feudal ethics, and it has long since become obsolete. They pointed out sharply that chastity should not be lost or lost, but should mean whether emotional investment is specific. In the eyes of new and new human beings, trial marriage is a love that is melted into sex. When emotions are dissolved into sex, it is essentially different from the love of kissing, so new people are more focused on the specificity of emotions. Faithful to the sense of responsibility of their own emotions, so that new and new humans despise beyond all external and social constraints, and “one-night stand” will be rejected by them! Will newcomers abandon marriage? The answer is no, how much value does a relationship have? Love, cohabitation, and trial marriage are not enough to prove the problem. A cautious marriage will become a scale to test this relationship. The trial marriage cohabitation chosen by the new human beings is just a prelude to marriage. They learn more about themselves through this preparatory song, know what they hate, don’t care about, and learn how to resolve conflicts between people who deeply love them. . Before advocating the results, the new and new human beings are more concerned about the course of their emotions. If the passionate smoke dissipates and the contradictions come, they will try their best to save them, but if it is a mistake, they will still be free and easy to accept after heartbreak and crying. New and new human beings are happy generations. They are welcoming an era of openness, freedom and democracy. The society respects the lifestyle they choose. However, free and easy marriage and cohabitation will not last forever, whether it is a man or a woman. The age of all needs a stable and normal home. However, new and new human beings will not give up the process of trial marriage and cohabitation because of this. Everything has to be experienced before they are more cherished. Whether we understand it or not, the new human beings are still fearless to the worldly declaration: trial marriage is not a crime!

How do Japanese female prisoners solve the problem of sexual depression?

Lead: Female prisoners in six women’s prisons in Japan are facing serious sexual repression. One-third of the country’s nearly 2,800 female prisoners are around 30 years old, just as the year of tiger wolf eager for sex. “But the long-term prison life has made these prisoners’ physiological needs unsatisfied, resulting in restless emotions.” More seriously, more than half of female prisoners have a drug addiction tendency, which makes them feel hungry in prison. The female prisoner is not a jailer, the cleaners are not let go of the writer Sayuri Yokota used to be a prisoner, and now she is an anti-drug campaign activist. In an interview, she pointed out that no matter what kind of man in prison, there is a great sexual attraction to female prisoners. “They are hard to see men in prison, even the guards are women, so the ugly men don’t care for them. I have to go to the workshop when I am serving a sentence, there is a very fat big man guard, but Every female prisoner is willing to let him do whatever he wants, because he also privately sells painkillers to female prisoners. Some female prisoners will tease any male who can be reached, even 50-year-old cleaners – as long as they can make him erect “You can do it quickly and hard,” Sayuri Yokota said. Bundle the ballpoint pen as a penis Another girl named Momoko once served a sentence in the Wakayama Women’s Prison in Japan. She recalled how the past prison career turned pure girls into widowed sluts: “After three months, there will be male artists going to prison to perform for female prisoners, but we are all staring at the man’s crotch, imagine using What a wonderful touch will be brought by the hand.” Female prisoners will also make some “sex toys” to solve the need. Momoko said that the most common way to play is to bundle 7 ballpoint pens with rubber bands and plastic bags on the outside. It became a dildo for masturbation. However, the prison has only three ballpoint pens for each prisoner, so you must borrow money from others if you want to have fun. Some female prisoners need to get more than 10 pens when masturbating, saying that they can get the size of their husband or boyfriend. Catching the frogs into the lower body and masturbating with the pen, the other sex games of the female prisoners seem incredible. Momoko told reporters, “Sometimes when the wind catches the frog, we will bring the frog back to the cell, and then we can open the ‘frog fornication party’. Everyone first determines the order, then turns the live frog into the lower body, frog In the vagina, you will be surprised by the fright, which will bring a very wonderful feeling. “Playing this kind of game needs to be careful, Momoko said that if you are too excited and too much force to shrink the vagina, you may suffocate the frog, other women Prisoner Didn’t have to play. This is a common occurrence in prison, and even prisoners fight for frogs. Gay banned female prisoners use their toes to meet each other. Some female prisoners become masculine during their imprisonment. They ask managers to shave their heads on a monthly haircut day, so that other prisoners can know that they are gay. However, according to Akiko, this obvious homosexuality may not work in prison. “If you try to talk to masculine prisoners, the guards will be angry because the prison does not promote homosexuality. Once the love letters you write to them are discovered, you will be punished, such as confinement or deprivation of parole. So even if every female prisoner feels that the masculine prisoners are sexy, they can’t easily get in touch.” However, if the female prisoners are lucky enough, they can open their legs at night and let others else if they are not aware of it. Female prisoners use their toes to meet their needs, but it is also very difficult to do so. Momoko said that he can only take two baths a week in prison, so you must make sure to wash your feet immediately when you wake up in the morning, otherwise your toes will be contaminated with the secretions of other female prisoners, which will let everyone know that you are doing it. What? <<<The night of the river, her tongue is free on me

What is the root cause of a man’s erection?

When a man is excited by the auditory, visual, olfactory and thinking, imagination, etc. of the sexual content, and stimulates the cerebral cortex through the thoracic and erectile center of the spinal cord, it acts on the corpus cavernosum and expands the arterial blood vessels. Inflow into the corpus cavernosum; when the venous blood vessels contract and the blood flowing out of the corpus cavernosum is reduced, the blood is fully retained in the abundant blood vessels and blood sinus of the sponge, causing the penis to rapidly develop a psychological erection. Conversely, when the arterial blood vessels contract, the blood flowing into the corpus cavernosum is reduced; When the venous blood vessels dilate and the abundant blood flow remaining in the sponge rapidly returns, the penis will return to weakness. When the external genitalia is subjected to local stimuli such as direct touch, walking friction or receiving internal stimulation of the rectum and bladder, it can cause a reflex erection, which stimulates its sexuality by stimulating the lower erectile center of the medullary spinal cord. Realized after the excitement. Penile erection is natural, and the male fetus can erect in the womb. When a boy urinates after birth, he may also get an erection hardening. Sometimes lying there peeing can make the urine spray directly onto the adult’s face like a spring, often bringing unexpected laughter and joy to the parents who are changing diapers, but The erection at this time does not have any meaning of “sex”. Any stimulation of the genital itself can cause reflex erections, which regulate through the pudendal nerve and the palpebral erection center. Psychological and physiological stimuli can work alone, interact with each other, and be involved in sexual activity. For example, when the spinal cord injury occurs above the thoracolumbar region, the patient can only have an erection in the case of physical stimulation of the genitals, and the ability to psychological erection disappears. When motor neuron injury occurs at the level below the thoracolumbar region, stimulating the genitals can not cause erections, and 24 to 57% of patients still have psychological erections, that is, psychological stimulation can be transmitted through the thoracolumbar pathway. When the spinal cord injury occurs at the waist 2 to 骶1, both psychological and reflex erections exist, but the two cannot be coordinated, and it is impossible to achieve ejaculation orgasm through genital stimulation. In addition to psychological erections and reflex erections, normal men also have a nighttime erection. Men’s sleep is always in the alternating between fast-moving eye sleep and slow-motion eye sleep, and also experiences erection–weakness–erection– ─ The weak physiological process, which is medically known as the penile night erection, is a normal physiological process for healthy men. In general, men have 4 to 6 times a night, 20 to 40 minutes of erection every time, a total of up to two and a half hours. This is because the brain always suppresses the sexual reaction during the day, otherwise the man will inevitably encounter embarrassing situations from time to time, but after asleep, the inhibition function of the brain disappears, and the penis spontaneously has an erectile reaction, which is completely normal. no need to worry. The time, frequency, and hardness of night erections decrease with age, and puberty is the strongest until about 20 years old. Whether it is a psychological or a reflective erection, the penis quickly returns to normal after the external stimuli are removed. Night erections are no exception. When the penis is erected for a while, it will definitely weaken down. Because the blood stays in the sponge for a long time, the blood will be deprived of oxygen and accumulate a large amount of metabolic waste, which is not good for the organization. In severe cases, necrosis will occur. There is a disease with abnormal penile erection. The patient shows that the penis has been swollen for 4 to 6 hours, hard, painful, and grayish gray. This is an emergency in urology and needs to be urgently treated in the hospital as soon as possible. Therefore, the penis is not an erection all night, but there must be a relaxation. Early morning erection is a clinically significant physiological phenomenon. Some doctors have studied this phenomenon and found that during the illness, the erection in the morning will weaken or disappear. After the physical recovery, the morning erection will recover. Therefore, early morning erection can be used as a reference indicator for men’s health. The presence or absence of an erection in the early morning can also be used as a reference indicator for judging the state of sexual function in men.

Men’s kidneys are no longer smashing five kinds of sports to make you stronger

Men can be said that they are not afraid of fear, but men have weakness, which is kidney deficiency. This is also the biggest confusion for men. It is especially important for the kidney to say to anyone, especially to men, but now you don’t have to worry or use it. Buy a variety of medicines to make up, do the following five anti-kidney movements every day, and keep you a strong man!