If you want to be a beautiful woman, you s

hould pay attention to these health-care methods. Usually pay attention to reasonable nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables, and pay more attention to rest and exercise, read more books, and effectively improve your self-cultivation. People are angry, to maintain a good mood, these can make women more beautiful.


A Zen: To be a beautiful woman, not only to “tune”, but also to “tune”. Impatience, anxiety, pessimism, jealousy and other bad mentalities will only make you prematurely aging. If you want to keep your youth forever, you will try your best to have a “Zen heart”. You don’t like things, you don’t have your own sorrow, your mind is peaceful, and you don’t feel shocked. “Keeping a positive, optimistic attitude, everything is considered from the front and controlling your emotions. This is the best maintenance secret.” Professor Zhou Wei said.

A book: There is a poem in the abdomen, and reading is a deep beauty of women. A truly beautiful woman is a woman who is good at learning “spiritual food.” It is said that the old and the old are old, but the talent, the charm and the wisdom will not pass with time. Therefore, even if you are busy with work, you should take the time to read more good books and let yourself exude charm from the inside out.

One tea: Some people say that the tea room is another beauty salon for women. Drinking tea has many benefits for women’s maintenance. Professor Zhou Wei believes that whether green tea, black tea, oolong tea or flower tea is beneficial to women. Tea polyphenols in tea have the effect of scavenging free radicals and anti-aging. In addition, tea leaves have a strong lipolytic effect. Studies have pointed out that people who have long-term tea drinking habits will have a significantly lower body fat ratio than those who do not drink tea, and have less abdominal fat. And the longer you drink tea, the more obvious the fat burning effect. Therefore, if you want to keep your body slim, you may want to drink tea daily.

One egg: Ample protein is very important for women’s beauty. Eggs are a good source of protein. Studies have shown that eggs have brain-protecting, protecting the liver, preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing cancer, and delaying aging. However, Professor Zhou Wei reminded that the egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol, so it is necessary to eat eggs.

A porridge: For women, instead of using various skin care products to moisturize, it is better to smash some ingredients with beauty and beauty effects to nourish the body and mind. Professor Zhou Wei pointed out that the sesame, walnut, medlar, lotus seeds, mulberry and rice can be cooked together, and the kidney and Qi can be used to maintain beauty and delay aging. In addition, fish and shellfish are rich in zinc and selenium, which can enhance immune function and anti-oxidation. Therefore, women may wish to cook some porridge and scallops.

One dish: Green-colored vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C and chlorophyll, which can play an antioxidant and anti-aging role. The yellow-red vegetables represented by carrots, such as pumpkin, sweet potato, and tomato, are rich in carotene. Carotene can be converted into vitamin A after entering the human body. It has the function of maintaining skin cells and is often eaten. Anti-wrinkle and wrinkle to keep the skin soft and tender.

If a woman wants to be beautiful, she should pay attention to the way of health . When she reaches a certain age, she will have wrinkles, and it will also cause physical decline. If I want to make my body healthier, I should pay attention to the scientific method of health . Only physical health can make women look. It’s more beautiful, everyone must pay attention to the way women live .

Usually you need to carry out proper maintenance, you

Usually you need to carry out proper maintenance, you should pay attention to reducing abortion and reasonable diet, smoking and drinking, the best way to maintain the ovaries and uterus is to pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat more carrots, but also pay attention to Keep a good mood and be sure to reduce the flow of people.


Carcinogens in cigarettes seem to have a special preference, and they are most preferably selectively concentrated in cervical mucus. Therefore, long-term smoking will increase the risk of uterine suffering by 15 times! Passive smoking will bring similar consequences. Therefore, for uterine health, smoking cessation is the most important.

6, quit smoking and alcohol

Lemon is strongly alkaline and contains a lot of vitamin C, which can effectively enhance the immunity of female uterus. In the morning, the body has the best absorption of citric acid, so drinking a cup of hot lemonade every morning can improve the immunity of the uterus. Be careful, be sure to drink hot.

5, drink lemonade

It is also very effective to do a few warm exercises every week. The knees are naturally separated, kneeling on the mat or bed, the waist is bent forward straight, and the chest needs to be as close as possible to the mat or bed for a few minutes. Then lie down, do a tummy hip exercise, and keep your hips in the air for 3-5 minutes.

4, try to do warm palace exercises

High-fat foods may promote the production and release of some hormones if consumed too much. Therefore, if the uterus is maintained, women should try to avoid eating too much high-fat food, stick to a low-fat diet, and eat less spicy or cold food to ensure a balanced diet.

3, eat less fatty foods

There are a lot of sports items, and there are better walking and swimming for the uterus. You can try to walk half an hour every day, which will effectively increase the speed of blood circulation in the uterus. Swimming once or twice a week can not only improve the ability to contract the uterus, but also maintain the temperature in the uterus.

2, proper physical exercise

Ovarian uterus maintenance 4 precautions, pregnant mother must see, easy and good pregnancy does not worry!!

This is the biggest cause of uterine damage, which will inevitably damage the endometrium during the operation. Therefore, if there is no plan for pregnancy, the contraceptive measures must be done well. Abortion has a great impact on the body, so be sure to avoid it and be responsible for your own body.

1, artificial abortion should be avoided

The ovaries and uterus are very important for women. We must pay attention to maintenance in order to make women look healthier and more beautiful. If the uterus and ovaries are sick, it will seriously affect life, so we must pay attention to the maintenance methods. Usually reasonable massage, pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, then what are the ovarian uterus maintenance items?

If a woman has cervical disease and needs surgery, she must pa

If a woman has cervical disease and needs surgery, she must pay attention to some post-operative methods. The uterus is very important for women. If you do not take effective care, it will cause more damage. Therefore, you should pay attention to conditioning. Method, then how to maintain after cervical conization


1, prevent infectio

Cervical conization is an operation. There is a wound in the cervix. After many other operations, infection may occur after surgery. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent infection. Appropriate application of antibiotics is needed.

2, alert to bleeding

Worry-free network reminds that vaginal bleeding may occur within three weeks after surgery, especially within one week. Moreover, under normal circumstances, within two or three weeks after surgery, the vagina will have a greater amount of drainage, the drainage can be pink, and sometimes there will be a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which is normal, if the amount of bleeding is less than the amount of menstruation You can rest in bed and use hemostatic drugs reasonably; whenever the amount of vaginal bleeding is more than the amount of menstruation, especially when accompanied by blood clots, you should go to your hospital for surgery to find your surgeon. If you are not in time, you may have major bleeding. Even hemorrhagic shock, even in critical cases, endangers life.


3, keep the vulva clean


Because of the vaginal discharge after surgery, keeping the vulva clean can not be ignored. However, vaginal washing and bathing are not recommended for the first two or three weeks after surgery because it is not only prone to wound infection, but also increases the risk of bleeding. During the hospital stay, the patient may be properly scrubbed, and the vulva may be kept dry outside the hospital. The discharged liquid may be wiped with a toilet paper. You can wash the shower, but the time must not be too long, otherwise, the risk of bleeding from the cervical wound increases.


4, the first menstrual situation after surgery


Although the incidence is not high, cervical adhesion may occur after cervical conization. If the expected vaginal bleeding during menstruation is not much, but the abdominal pain is obvious, suggesting that cervical adhesion may occur, you should consult your doctor.


Everyone needs to pay attention to the maintenance method, but also pay more attention to rest, maintain a good attitude, do not overwork, prevent infection, keep the vulva clean, and at the same time do a light diet, only pay attention to these details of life, can avoid causing greater influences.

Modern people have more and more living conditions, a

Modern people have more and more living conditions, and obese people have gradually increased. In fact, not only women love beauty, men also begin to pay attention to external images. Many men also have obesity troubles. Obesity not only affects beauty but also health. It is unfavorable. Where do men lose weight? What are the ways to lose weight for men? What is good for weight loss?


Men’s weight loss method

warm up

It is possible to practice five minutes of skipping, and it is best to have some changes in the speed and range of motion. Do two or three such exercises a week, and rest for 45 seconds after each action.

Supine car

Lying on the ground, hands behind your head, head and shoulders slightly lifted off the ground. Bend your left knee close to your chest, while turning your body to the left, use your right elbow to touch your left knee, then restore and change to the other side. Each side is an action, and 20 actions are a group.

Prone arm

Prone on the ground, one leg straight, the toe against the ground, the other leg bent naturally and placed on the ground. Hold a mineral water bottle in each hand, alternately push up and pull down, and keep your legs still. When doing your movements, be careful to keep your back and neck in a straight line. Each hand is pushed once for one action, and 15 actions are grouped.

Weight-bearing bow

You can find a box or a few boards, put one foot on it, the other foot step forward a big step, and both hands drag a heavy object on the chest to do the push-up and pull-down actions. The legs are bent, the lungs are lowered, and then restored. A set of 15 actions.

Sliding push ups

Needless to say, push-ups will be when you go to middle school. Here we will talk about a push-up that is more difficult: pad a piece of paper or a piece of cloth under the palms of both hands – to reduce the coefficient of friction, while holding up the body, slowly slide the two hands relatively, close together, Then restore the body and hands. How about, this time is not so easy? 20 is a group.

Single leg support

Find a chair, hold your hands on the edge of the seat, support the weight of the upper body, bend one leg, and stretch one leg forward. Support with the strength of the arms and one leg, slowly lower the body until the upper arm is parallel to the ground, and then slowly restore. A set of 15 actions completes a set of legs.

Sleeping legs

In a push-up position, but put the two armlets flat on the ground, lock the shoulder joints and keep the spine straight. Lift the left and right hands at the same time, straighten and lift off the ground for about 3 seconds, then restore. The 20 actions are grouped together, completing one set for the other side of the leg and arm.

Load side lift

Stand upright, with your feet apart and shoulder width, with one bucket of water in each hand (weight depends on individual circumstances). Slightly bend your elbows and slowly lift the bucket to the shoulder height in a side-lifting position for a few seconds, then slowly lower your arms. Note: It must be slow when moving and restoring, otherwise the exercise effect can only be folded in half. 15 actions are a group.

What do men lose weight?


The banana is sweet and cold, and it can clear the heat and laxative, hangover and reduce blood pressure, and quench the thirst and remove the trouble. It has a good effect on the lungs and the intestines.

Many people think that bananas are too high in sugar content and too rich in fat content. In fact, bananas are rich in nutrients, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, and are easily absorbed by the body. They will not only increase fat, but also have the effect of losing weight.

Bananas are all treasures. Eating bananas can make people’s skin soft and shiny, and their eyes are bright. It can prevent stroke and high blood pressure, and can lower blood pressure and protect blood vessels. Scientists have confirmed that eating two bananas a day for a week can reduce blood pressure by 10%. If a person eats 5 bananas a day, the antihypertensive effect is equivalent to 50% of the daily dose of antihypertensive drugs.


Apple is sweet, sour, and flat. It has the functions of thirst, thirst, lungs, spleen and stomach, nourishing the heart, nourishing the intestines, stopping diarrhea, relieving heat, sobering and lowering blood cholesterol.

Apple weight loss can make people’s digestive system fully rest, restore its original function, and make the function work properly. Apple loses weight and reduces the amount of calories ingested by the body. Insufficient parts require the body’s accumulated heat supply.

Winter melon

Winter melon is a kind of vegetable. It has no side effects. Because of its large size, it is also a kind of satiety good food, which can relieve the hunger when people lose weight. Therefore, dieters choose to eat melon during the weight loss process. It will be very wise.

In life, you will find that many men have beer belly. The

In life, you will find that many men have beer belly. The man has a big belly and not only affects his personal image. Beer belly is also harmful to men’s health. So how do men lose weight when they have beer belly? What causes beer belly? What is the danger of letting beer belly grow for a long time?


How to reduce beer belly

First, exercise at least 30 minutes a day

When a boy appears in the beer belly, it will not only affect our physical health but also our appearance. At this time, we can use some methods to effectively reduce it. First, the elbows are held with both hands and the legs stand side by side. It is to take the elevator less and walk upstairs; the third is to be able to stand up and finish, it is best to stand and finish, such as waiting for someone, making a phone call, reading a newspaper, wearing shoes and socks. Standing a little on your toes, leaving your body in a state of tension. Experts also recommend that to reduce the fat on the stomach, it is best to strengthen the abdominal exercise in the case of strengthening the body movement.

Second, put water on the desk

When a male friend has such a problem, drinking water is also a solution. If you are hungry, we will habitually want to eat. At this time, we can drink some water to effectively solve the problem. Let the mental stress promote eating more; when you have mental stress, don’t pick up the food, but go out for a walk. Physical activity is more conducive to relieving mental stress than eating. It is best not to drink carbonated drinks.

Third, don’t eat outside

The reason for the appearance of beer belly is sometimes caused by diet. If you want to lose beer belly faster, then we should not eat outside at this time. The rice in the restaurant often contains more energy than the rice cooked in the restaurant. fat. Keep an eye out for restaurants that offer low-fat meals near your unit. Don’t go to fast food chains because there are very few low-fat foods to choose from.

Fourth, pay attention to the amount of alcohol

Alcohol contains high energy, which prevents the consumption of body fat and reduces the willpower. If you want to drink some wine, it is best to mix it with soda, drink plenty of water and low-energy drinks.

Five, smear the umbilical method

The obese person is lying on his back, the family is standing next to him, and Vaseline or cooking oil is applied to the surgery department to increase the effect of the technique. Press the palm of your hand and the root of the palm for 2 to 3 minutes in the abdomen. Then use the palm of your hand to make a clockwise press from the ascending colon, transverse colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and sigmoid colon. For about 3 to 4 minutes, the method is to diarrhea. Main; and can be used together with Pingbu Pingxie, this method can regulate gastrointestinal motility, spleen and dampness, and accelerate the decomposition of excess fat under the skin. At the same time, in the Zhongmu, Qihai, Moisture, Guanyuan, Uterus, Tianshu points, repeated points, press, dial, diarrhea, in order to achieve weight loss goals.

Six, lower abdomen fat finger pressure method

The abdomen is the main part of fat accumulation, while the male is mostly focused above the navel, while the female is mostly under the navel. If the abdomen is pressed down, the palm should be fully flexed and pressed vertically for 15 seconds; if the acupressure side When the abdomen is in the point, the palms should be fully bent and placed on the left and right flank, and pressed slowly for 15 seconds in the horizontal direction.

The harm of beer belly

If a male friend has a beer belly, it may cause obesity and affect his health. If the body fat is high in the middle age, the abdominal obesity (beer belly) increases with age. Abdominal obesity has been highly valued by the World Health Organization, because many countries have entered an aging society. If you do not pay attention to abdominal obesity, beer belly is likely to become one of the most dangerous killers affecting health.

Abdominal obesity may also accelerate aging, and it can also cause disease and threaten our lives. At present, more than 15 diseases leading to death have been directly related to abdominal obesity, including coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, breast cancer, liver and kidney failure. Previously, studies have shown that men who are quite “beer belly” have 8 times the probability of getting high blood pressure, 5 times that of normal men, 5 times more likely to have coronary heart disease, 7 times more likely to get diabetes, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction. Diseases are also common in men with “beer belly”.

The reason for the beer belly

Sitting for a long time, lack of exercise

Many middle-aged people are prone to fat accumulation in the abdomen because they sit in the office for a long time and lack exercise. So if you have time, you can still move more and go to the gym. There is a beer belly, no matter the image is not good, it will bring about high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

Drinking beer excessively

Drinking beer causes the main source of beer belly but not the beer itself. Because a bottle of beer is only about the equivalent of two big Fuji apples, or two cups of whole milk, or 2/3 bowls of white rice, so the calories are not particularly high. And these factors are what make beer work:

1, beer can promote appetite

ices will slowly become a problem. Among them, chi

In the winter, many people’s voices will slowly become a problem. Among them, children and middle-aged people are victims of chronic pharyngitis. The body manifests as pharyngeal discomfort, foreign body sensation, dry throat or itching, or burning and slight pain. Or coughing (irritating cough, sputum is not easy to get out), always feel that there is something in the throat, but the cough can not be swallowed and can not be swallowed. 

In the high season of chronic pharyngitis, 4 kinds of diets are used to do one thing, and it is more effective than medicine!
If you have the above symptoms, then you should start paying attention to your diet. Here are some of the therapeutic treatments for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis.

1: Liyan tea drink

1. Material preparation: 5 grams of double flowers, 5 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 5 grams of wood butterfly, 5 grams of fat sea, 5 grams of raw licorice.

2. Operation steps: directly add all the Chinese herbal medicines in the above to the pot, and then brew with boiling water. Followed by frequent drinking, instead of tea.

In the high season of chronic pharyngitis, 4 kinds of diets are used to do one thing, and it is more effective than medicine!
2: Qingyan drink

1. Material preparation: 50 grams of ebony meat, 50 grams of raw licorice, 50 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 50 grams of platycodon grandiflorum, 50 grams of ginseng.

2. Operation steps: All the Chinese herbal medicines in the above are mashed and mixed. Then brew with boiling water three times a day.

3: Mung bean seaweed soup

1. Material preparation: 50 grams of mung beans, 50 grams of kelp, a little rock sugar.

2. Operation steps: First, after the mung bean and the kelp are washed, the kelp is shredded, and then added to the pot to add water and boil. After adding rock sugar for seasoning. This soup is served daily with its substitute tea.

In the high season of chronic pharyngitis, 4 kinds of diets are used to do one thing, and it is more effective than medicine!
4: Qinglong White Tiger Soup

1. Material preparation: 5 green fruits and 1 radish.

2. Operation steps: First, the green fruit and the radish should be washed. After the radish is sliced ​​and added to the pot together with the green fruit for about 30 minutes, the radish and the green slag in the pot are filtered out. Take the juice and drink it on behalf of the tea. This tea can detoxify and pharynx can also stimulate the thirst, and the effect on the treatment of sore throat is also very significant.