Common high-protein foods are: milk, eggs, s

Common high-protein foods are: milk, eggs, soy products, dairy products, soy beans, animal lean meat, fish and all kinds of seafood.
Pistachio itself is a food with high protein content. After eating, it will take up a lot of digestive function of the stomach. There are many other high-protein foods in life. If you eat more with pistachios, it will increase the stomach. Intestinal load, prone to indigestion, causing abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms.

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Red cow contains caffeine, which has a stimul

Red cow contains caffeine, which has a stimulating effect on nerves. It is a kind of stimulant, and children’s nerves are sensitive. Drinking red cow may affect their sleep, which is unfavorable for their growth and development. In addition, there is a certain amount of


preservative in red cattle. The development of the child’s organs is not perfect, and the preservatives can not be well removed by metabolism, and will accumulate in the body, which will have a certain impact on read more

Crab + Peanut: Diarrhea

Crab + Peanut: Diarrhea
Crab + strong tea: abdominal pain

Crab + Kiwi: Poisoning

Crab + Pomegranate: not easy to digest

Crab + Persimmon: Spleen and Stomach

Gram food

Infants should not eat crabs. Crabs are cold and cold, and the babies with poor constitution and spleen and stomach are cold and can easily cause stomach upset. Some babies are allergic, and eating crabs can also cause allergy symptoms.

Can babies eat crabs?

Pregnant women should not eat crabs. Although the crab is delicious, it is read more

Sympathetic type is a series of symptoms caused

Sympathetic type is a series of symptoms caused by sympathetic nerves due to changes in cervical disc degeneration. So, what is the feeling of cervical spondylosis stimulating to the sympathetic nerve? The patient will be in a state of tension every day and feel very


uncomfortable. Exercise relieves cervical spondylosis. With age, cervical spine will have degenerative diseases, and cervical spondylosis is difficult to avoid. But if we prevent early treatment early, it can greatly delay the read more

Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, im

Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, improve immunity, the body is the cost, only the body is good, you may have a better life. Nothing to walk, dance, they are all good decompression methods to help you get rid of anxiety at work, but to go swimming, playing or walking, all contribute to the body and mind!
Enhance physical exercise

You can talk to your family or friends about the unhappiness you encounter at work. As the saying goes, share happiness, double happiness, share distress, read more

Of course, everyday routines are also essential.

Of course, everyday routines are also essential. For example, the brightness of reading light, the brightness of computer screens, sitting posture, etc., all affect our eyes. Have a good daily eye habit, pay attention to the rest of the eyes, do not stay up late, so our eye fatigue will naturally be alleviated.
Daily habit

It is the key to solving eye fatigue. Carrots are a well-known food for our vision. In fact, cheese, bananas and blueberries also contain a lot of elements that help our read more