Home feng shui to see the harmony of husband and wife

According to our understanding, home feng shui is the most important in Hong Kong and not very popular on the mainland. Perhaps people’s thoughts have begun to advance. Nowadays, many people are obsessed with the feng shui of the living room. Others use home feng shui to calculate the harmony of their marital feelings. Let’s let Xiaobian tell you! Lu Chongxi, Tianzhu The fire-shaped 煞 is located in the house of T-shaped road. The road crosses the gate and is called the road rushing, read more

Sex, can you save the feelings of men and women?

A few years ago, there was a classic line in the Japanese drama “Love Letter”: When the two had a physical relationship, they also communicated with each other and began to alienate. It is true that in the emotional life, there is a relationship between love and sex that is difficult to give up and cannot be clearly stated. Especially for young men and women who are not yet mature, they are more likely to lose their direction in sexual impulses and desire expansion, and misunderstand read more

What kind of sexual psychology is hidden in men’s psychology?

In the man’s heart, what are the sexual psychology hidden? First, the feelings are suppressed and often escaped as a man through sex. Many people are unwilling to be weak, such as: fear, isolation, help, disappointment, etc. Use sex as a way to vent these inner emotions. At this time, if the wife wants to get more warmth at this time, she will only be disappointed. Because the husband is vented physiologically, but does not eliminate the inner tension, and the wife will feel the insult, read more

I am sleeping at home and I am seen by my wife and colleagues.

I have a very bad habit. I like to sleep naked. Even if I have a lunch break at home, I will get rid of it. In fact, my wife doesn’t like me like this. I don’t think there is any problem in my mind. I mainly worry about it. The sheets were cleaned. This year’s Dragon Boat Festival, the unit holiday for three days, coincides with the World Cup, which is more important for fans who like football, than to watch TV games. I count as a fake fan. Of course, for a four-year football feast, read more

Reading sexual psychology: the sexual life that women want

All women want to have a very satisfied sex life, but sex is done by two people together. It takes two people’s psychological ideas to be consistent, so that they can achieve good results. When the husband and wife are together, they must understand each other and love each other. No matter what happens, they need to cherish this relationship. Embracing the other person’s skin is inductive, it can distinguish between “good contact” (loved), “bad contact” (abuse), read more

Fat women can promote harmony between husband and wife!

It seems that men like to marry a fat wife, although the slim figure will give people a beautiful enjoyment, but why do men prefer a full-fledged fat wife? Because the quality of a fat lady’s sex is higher, and the fat wife has sex more. Can make men satisfied. It is a common phenomenon that girls cry and cry to “weight loss.” According to the saying that “women are pleasing to others”, they are so eager to cater to men. But in fact, most men like plump women, too slim read more