How do ugly men find beautiful women as wives?

If ugly men attract beautiful women not because of banknotes, what secret weapons can they have? What can make men who are not astonishing have a girlfriend who is “closed-monthly”? First, ugly men must determine two The basic strategy of dating a pretty woman. First, wait patiently. That is, patiently waiting for the appearance of beauty and actively looking for and discovering women with beautiful qualifications; second, moving with heart. For those beautiful women who are so alone read more

Is it sin to try to live together?

Ten years ago, unmarried cohabitation was only sneaky. Ten years ago, if someone publicly publicized and lover was trying to get married, people would classify their behavior as “rogue”. Ten years ago, the rose that tried to live together as a shy answer quietly bloomed, and in today’s age of love roses, the trial marriage is like a spring breeze, and the trees are blooming. Entering the new millennium, the children who were naive and pure ten years ago have grown up quickly read more

How do Japanese female prisoners solve the problem of sexual depression?

Lead: Female prisoners in six women’s prisons in Japan are facing serious sexual repression. One-third of the country’s nearly 2,800 female prisoners are around 30 years old, just as the year of tiger wolf eager for sex. “But the long-term prison life has made these prisoners’ physiological needs unsatisfied, resulting in restless emotions.” More seriously, more than half of female prisoners have a drug addiction tendency, which makes them feel hungry in prison. The read more

What is the root cause of a man’s erection?

When a man is excited by the auditory, visual, olfactory and thinking, imagination, etc. of the sexual content, and stimulates the cerebral cortex through the thoracic and erectile center of the spinal cord, it acts on the corpus cavernosum and expands the arterial blood vessels. Inflow into the corpus cavernosum; when the venous blood vessels contract and the blood flowing out of the corpus cavernosum is reduced, the blood is fully retained in the abundant blood vessels and blood sinus of the read more

Men’s kidneys are no longer smashing five kinds of sports to make you stronger

Men can be said that they are not afraid of fear, but men have weakness, which is kidney deficiency. This is also the biggest confusion for men. It is especially important for the kidney to say to anyone, especially to men, but now you don’t have to worry or use it. Buy a variety of medicines to make up, do the following five anti-kidney movements every day, and keep you a strong man!