Common high-protein foods are: milk, eggs, s

Common high-protein foods are: milk, eggs, soy products, dairy products, soy beans, animal lean meat, fish and all kinds of seafood.
Pistachio itself is a food with high protein content. After eating, it will take up a lot of digestive function of the stomach. There are many other high-protein foods in life. If you eat more with pistachios, it will increase the stomach. Intestinal load, prone to indigestion, causing abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms.

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Red cow contains caffeine, which has a stimul

Red cow contains caffeine, which has a stimulating effect on nerves. It is a kind of stimulant, and children’s nerves are sensitive. Drinking red cow may affect their sleep, which is unfavorable for their growth and development. In addition, there is a certain amount of


preservative in red cattle. The development of the child’s organs is not perfect, and the preservatives can not be well removed by metabolism, and will accumulate in the body, which will have a certain impact on read more

Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, im

Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, improve immunity, the body is the cost, only the body is good, you may have a better life. Nothing to walk, dance, they are all good decompression methods to help you get rid of anxiety at work, but to go swimming, playing or walking, all contribute to the body and mind!
Enhance physical exercise

You can talk to your family or friends about the unhappiness you encounter at work. As the saying goes, share happiness, double happiness, share distress, read more

During pregnancy, you must choose food ca

During pregnancy, you must choose food carefully, because many things will have adverse effects on fetal development. Pregnant women should try to avoid raw meat, cooked meat, raw fish, raw aquatic shellfish, contaminated fish, barbecue seafood, mercury-containing fish


, unclean fruits and vegetables, unpasteurized milk and cheese, and raw eggs. Pregnant women should bear in mind these foods that should be avoided. If they are not eaten carefully, they may affect the health of the fetus.

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Red dates. With red dates, it can tonify t

Red dates. With red dates, it can tonify the spleen and blood, stop bleeding. It has a certain effect on spleen deficiency and blood and anemia, and is especially beneficial for women.
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Fresh peanuts are best cooked in shells. The cooked peanuts are not only easy to digest and absorb, but also make full use of the health benefits of peanut shells and inner red coats. Peanut red can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, promote platelet regeneration, strengthen the contractile function read more

How long does it take for postpartum co

How long does it take for postpartum contractions? Now that everyone knows it? It usually takes five days, but during this time, everyone must pay attention to the mitigation method, effectively change their posture, relieve pain, avoid affecting the mood, and also pay attention to Keep a good attitude so you can avoid more damage.
4. If the contraction pain affects rest and sleep, the medical staff should be notified and a mild sedative can be used to relieve the pain if necessary. read more