Common high-protein foods are: milk, eggs, s

Common high-protein foods are: milk, eggs, soy products, dairy products, soy beans, animal lean meat, fish and all kinds of seafood.
Pistachio itself is a food with high protein content. After eating, it will take up a lot of digestive function of the stomach. There are many other high-protein foods in life. If you eat more with pistachios, it will increase the stomach. Intestinal load, prone to indigestion, causing abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms.

Pistachios cannot be eaten with high protein foods

Common citric acid foods are: tea, persimmon, hawthorn, mung bean, apple, gallnut and so on.

In addition to high fatty acids, pistachios also contain high levels of protein, and the body’s gastrointestinal tract is not well digested and absorbed, and will stay in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time, while the acidic food will interact with the protein. The reaction produces a complex that is difficult to be dissolved by gastric acid, and causes dyspepsia in the light, and even forms stomach stones in severe cases.

Pistachio can not be eaten with citric acid food

Common hot foods are: white wine, lamb, leeks, parsley, pepper, fennel, ginger, etc.

Pistachio is flat, but these nuts in our country have been processed in the later stages, some will add flavor and fragrance, while others will be flavored and fried, so it will have some heat, if and other heat Eating food together can easily cause fire.

Pistachio should not be eaten with hot food

Common cold foods are: ice cream, ice cream, ice water, watermelon, pears, etc.

Pistachios are fats in nuts. These foods contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. They are oily. If you eat pistachio and eat cold food, it is easy to cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Pistachio can’t be eaten with cold food

Can pistachie not be eaten with anything?

Pistachio can not be eaten with anything? Pistachio is also known as an unnamed, and the ginkgo eaten in peacetime is very similar. It is also a relatively common nut, rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, low in sugar, high in protein, high in fat. The characteristics are very popular with people, but this kind of nut belongs to alien species after all. Many people don’t know much about it. Let’s take a look at what this pistachio can’t eat with.

Red cow contains caffeine, which has a stimul

Red cow contains caffeine, which has a stimulating effect on nerves. It is a kind of stimulant, and children’s nerves are sensitive. Drinking red cow may affect their sleep, which is unfavorable for their growth and development. In addition, there is a certain amount of


preservative in red cattle. The development of the child’s organs is not perfect, and the preservatives can not be well removed by metabolism, and will accumulate in the body, which will have a certain impact on the future body immunity.

Children can’t drink Red Bull

Special reminder: Although pregnant women are not suitable for drinking red cattle, it is a good choice for pregnant women to drink red cattle, which can timely replenish maternal strength and help them to produce smoothly.

Red cow contains caffeine. It is beneficial for normal adults. A small amount of intake will be beneficial. Pregnant women belong to a special group. Many foods with toxic side effects are not edible. Red Bull is also the same. Avoid caffeine passing through the placental barrier, causing certain effects on the fetus and risk of miscarriage or teratogenicity.

Pregnant women are not suitable for drinking red bull

Red Bull is a functional beverage. In addition to containing a lot of vitamins, the content of sugar is also high, and its sweat polysaccharide is mostly glucose. This sugar is absorbed in the human body very quickly, can rapidly raise blood sugar, and treat diabetes and Controlling blood sugar is not appropriate.

Diabetic patients should not drink Red Bull

Red Bull not only excites the brain and has a certain stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. Its taurine substance can enhance the contractility of the myocardium, accelerate the heartbeat, increase the amount of blood pumped, and many heart diseases with faster heart rate. It is easy for a patient to drink red cows to aggravate the symptoms, which may be life-threatening.

Heart disease patients can not drink Red Bull

Some people have poor sleep quality, and often suffer from insomnia. Even if they fall asleep, they are easy to wake up. There is almost no deep sleep. Red Bull has a strong refreshing effect. Therefore, people with frequent insomnia should not drink. Especially don’t drink before going to bed, so as not to aggravate insomnia.

Insomnia is not suitable for drinking Red Bull

Who can’t eat Red Bull?

Who can’t eat Red Bull? Red Bull is a more common functional drink in life, especially when you stay up late and sleepy. So the wine is refreshing and energetic, but any food has certain taboos, not suitable for some. For special people to eat, let’s take a look at this red bull who can’t drink.

Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, im

Exercise regularly, strengthen the body, improve immunity, the body is the cost, only the body is good, you may have a better life. Nothing to walk, dance, they are all good decompression methods to help you get rid of anxiety at work, but to go swimming, playing or walking, all contribute to the body and mind!
Enhance physical exercise

You can talk to your family or friends about the unhappiness you encounter at work. As the saying goes, share happiness, double happiness, share distress, and distress halve; of course, you can go to an empty, unmanned place to shout and use it to relieve Depressed and hard-working in the heart, change the way to meet psychological needs to find new ways of spiritual sustenance, such as: enrich and enrich family life and personal hobbies; strengthen contacts with friends and relatives; properly engage in part-time or second professional activities, etc. .

Debating the inner difficulties and worries

Optimism, anxiety is related to people’s personality and attitude towards the outside world, so we must let ourselves have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life; tolerance, understanding the characteristics of human nature, treating others as generously as possible, learning to understand the people and things around us; One way to vent the distress, sorrow, grievances, resentment, etc. that accumulate in the heart; to transfer, when encountering an angry or sad thing, consciously turn your attention to the activities that you usually are interested in; Get rid of jealousy through outdoor activities, and gradually calm down your mind; at the same time, good music is also an effective tool for solving troubles and calming anger.

Regulate your own psychology

Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon of human beings. The quality of sleep is closely related to the health of the human body. If a person rests well, the next day will naturally feel good, and naturally he will forget some troublesome things. Can relieve anxiety, and see that adequate sleep is a cure for workplace anxiety.

enough sleep


Due to the pressure of work and the increase of interpersonal competition, office workers are in a state of high tension every day, or because they are criticized by the boss, which makes many white-collar workers have workplace anxiety, how can we overcome workplace anxiety? What about the disease?

During pregnancy, you must choose food ca

During pregnancy, you must choose food carefully, because many things will have adverse effects on fetal development. Pregnant women should try to avoid raw meat, cooked meat, raw fish, raw aquatic shellfish, contaminated fish, barbecue seafood, mercury-containing fish


, unclean fruits and vegetables, unpasteurized milk and cheese, and raw eggs. Pregnant women should bear in mind these foods that should be avoided. If they are not eaten carefully, they may affect the health of the fetus.

4. Don’t eat these foods

Try to avoid using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners during pregnancy, and supplement your body with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats (such as fat-rich fish and avocados), and carbohydrates (such as whole grains). Healthy protein (such as fish, eggs, white meat), you will give your child a good start. Pregnant women should also avoid alcohol and reduce caffeine intake, which may lead to increased risk of miscarriage. In the same way, to ensure that your body intakes enough vitamin D, in addition to enjoying the sun, you can also eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as fortified milk or soy milk, cultured dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Fat-rich fish such as salmon and trout also provide large amounts of vitamin D. It helps strengthen the baby’s brain and prevent postpartum depression.

3. Foods to be selected during pregnancy

For pregnant women , healthy eating habits can reduce the risk of pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy toxemia, fattening and high blood pressure. Adequate research has shown that undernourished eating habits are one of the main causes of pregnancy-induced toxemia. Pregnancy toxemia is a very serious disease that can cause a series of complications in mothers and babies. In order to avoid the occurrence of this disease, the intake of essential nutrients must be guaranteed during pregnancy.

2. Benefits for mom

Studies have shown that pregnant women’s diet imbalance will lead to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease in the future, and eating too much sweets during pregnancy will also cause harm to unborn babies, especially for babies. Similarly, if the diet of a pregnant woman is mostly low-calorie or low-nutrient, it will also harm the brain of the newborn baby, and may cause the child’s behavior disorder in the future, and even reduce the child’s IQ.

1. Benefits for your baby


When you are pregnant with your baby, you should always pay attention to your diet. Pregnant mothers must not only know how to avoid harmful foods, but also know which foods are good for their children. Therefore, eating habits during pregnancy are crucial for your baby’s growth. Let us look at the benefits of a healthy diet during pregnancy!

Red dates. With red dates, it can tonify t

Red dates. With red dates, it can tonify the spleen and blood, stop bleeding. It has a certain effect on spleen deficiency and blood and anemia, and is especially beneficial for women.
Best match:

Fresh peanuts are best cooked in shells. The cooked peanuts are not only easy to digest and absorb, but also make full use of the health benefits of peanut shells and inner red coats. Peanut red can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, promote platelet regeneration, strengthen the contractile function of capillaries, treat thrombocytopenia and prevent hemorrhagic diseases; peanut shell has the effect of lowering blood pressure and adjusting cholesterol. Ancient books believe that peanuts supplement the Qi, salt water to eat and raise the lungs.

The best way to eat:

Peanut contains the unsaturated fatty acids needed by the human body, but after all, the lipid content is high, the heat is large, and there is a greasy feeling. The various organic acids in vinegar are just greasy and fragrant, so soak peanuts with vinegar for more than a week, eat 7 to 10 capsules per night, and even eat a week for a course of treatment, which can lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, and reduce cholesterol. Stacked up.

Vinegar soaked peanuts “Tianxian match”:

Some people are accustomed to eating fried flowers or eating with fried food, which will cause a lot of damage to the glycerin and serotonin in the peanut red. Therefore, the peanut kernels are cooked together with red clothes to eat more nutritious value. In addition, peanuts are susceptible to aflatoxin toxins. After boiling, the aspergillus toxins contaminated by peanuts can be dissolved in the water, which is safer to eat.

Boiled peanuts have high nutrition:

Peanuts contain more fat, and the body absorbs and absorbs them slowly. A large amount of raw food can cause indigestion. In addition, peanuts grow in the soil and are often contaminated by parasite eggs, which are prone to parasitic diseases. At the same time, peanuts are often contaminated by rodents, which are easy to spread natural epidemic diseases, especially epidemic hemorrhagic fever. Therefore, peanuts should not be eaten raw, it is best to eat them after cooking.

Peanuts should not be eaten raw:

4, strong hematopoietic function: peanuts have the function of stopping bleeding and promoting platelets, and the effect of peanut red is 50 times stronger than that of peanuts, so it is best to eat peanuts with a piece of red.

3, slow aging: high content of protein and amino acids in peanuts can also improve memory and delay aging. It contains VE to delay tissue aging and enhance liver detoxification.

2, peanuts can warm the stomach: peanuts to deal with high-stomach pain after the frost, consciously choose some warm stomach foods, such as peanuts, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, etc., you can achieve the purpose of stomach warming stomach.

1, lowering cholesterol: peanuts are sweet and flat, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, moisten the lungs and phlegm, benefit Qi and stop bleeding, used for spleen deficiency, lack of food, dry cough and less phlegm, postpartum milk deficiency and other symptoms. The fat in peanuts can break down the cholesterol in the liver into bile acids, promote excretion, and thus lower the blood cholesterol level to prevent atherosclerosis.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of peanuts :

Peanut is rich in nutrients, how to eat the most beneficial?

Peanuts are hailed as “longevity fruit.” So how to eat peanuts is safe and beneficial?

How long does it take for postpartum co

How long does it take for postpartum contractions? Now that everyone knows it? It usually takes five days, but during this time, everyone must pay attention to the mitigation method, effectively change their posture, relieve pain, avoid affecting the mood, and also pay attention to Keep a good attitude so you can avoid more damage.
4. If the contraction pain affects rest and sleep, the medical staff should be notified and a mild sedative can be used to relieve the pain if necessary. 5, to divert attention, massage, deep inhalation to eliminate maternal nervousness and improve tolerance to pain.

3, hot compress hot water bag with a small abdomen, apply for half an hour each time.

2, massage the lower abdomen in the initial days after childbirth, you or your family can use the palm of your hand to help the woman to make a ring massage, until the part is hardened to promote the discharge of residual substances in the uterine cavity; when the pain is severe, massage can make The uterine muscles temporarily relax and relieve pain.

1. Change the sleeping position to let the maternal side sleep, avoid standing or sedentary for a long time, in order to reduce the pain in the part. It is also helpful to give the maternal buttocks a cushion when sitting.

Postpartum contractions take about five days. In the early stage of calving, due to contractions, the paroxysmal severe pain in the lower abdomen is called postpartum uterine contraction pain. Postpartum uterine contraction pain usually occurs 1 to 2 days after delivery, and disappears naturally after 2 to 4 days. It is more common in maternal women. Increased secretion of reflex oxytocin during breastfeeding can exacerbate pain. Generally, women can endure this kind of pain. For severe cases, the following methods can be used to relieve pain:

Women will have work when they have children. In fact, there will be contractions in the postpartum period, and there will be severe pain or paroxysmal pain, which is caused by postpartum contractions, and will be 1 to 2 days after delivery. Appeared, it will disappear after two or three days, but the work situation afterwards can be tolerated.