In addition, eating nuts, apples, soybeans, and fish fat in

In addition, eating nuts, apples, soybeans, and fish fat in your daily life is also beneficial to consolidate breast enhancement.
Although the ingredients in Pueraria lobata have the effect of breast enhancement, often a force cannot always exert its maximum value. According to the scientific combination of nutritionists, papaya Pueraria tea is made by using papaya, another substance that can breast enlargement, which is very effective for breast enhancement. Papaya Pueraria tea mainly contains papaya powder, pueraria powder, jujube, and medlar. It is scientifically matched. A small packet of papaya pueraria tea every day, for three months, will see good results.

How can Pueraria lobata be used for breast enhancement?

3. The acute action substance of the chromogen.

2. Isoflavone substances, which are also found in beans which are commonly regarded as healthy and nutritious foods by the Japanese, and have been confirmed to have the function of resisting breast cancer.

1. Mild substances of sterols.

More than 20 chemical constituents in Pueraria lobata were analyzed and divided into three components:

Ingredient effect

When it comes to breast enhancement, many people think of Pueraria. Is Pueraria root really breast? How can I do that? Pueraria lobata is rich in highly active isoflavones with similar estrogen-like effects and can effectively regulate endocrine. Its activity is more than one thousand times that of soy isoflavones. It can regulate female endocrine, increase stimulating hormone in the body, and make breasts develop twice. .

What are you waiting for, please move now.

What are you waiting for, please move now.

David Meyre, associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, pointed out: “This study brings hope to those who are born with a fat body, they can control their body weight through exercise, so as to get rid of the effects of obesity genes. David also added that the findings


also motivate experts to continue to explore the impact of other life factors such as diet, stress, and sleep on obese genes.

After analyzing 14 obesity-susceptible genes, the researchers concluded that exercise can greatly impair the role of the main gene, fructose-terminal oligosaccharide (FTO), which causes obesity. Previous studies have shown that white adipose tissue can be converted to brown adipose tissue by exercise, which is confirmed in the current study by discovering the different roles of obese genes and exercise in fat browning. In addition, the experts cited the latest analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Survey from 1988 to 2010 to confirm the findings.

The study was conducted by a team of scientists at McMaster University who conducted research on 17,400 people from 17 countries around the world and conducted a three-year follow-up survey. Research data shows that the chief culprit of obesity is genetics, and exercise can weaken the role of this genetic. This not only breaks the theory that controlling diet is a key factor in weight loss, but also shows that exercise can help people maintain a healthy weight.

The study found that the most effective way to lose weight is exercise

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported recently, the latest research shows that exercise can weaken the role of obesity genes and is the most effective way to lose weight. Jogging or swimming for an hour a week is more conducive to weight loss than controlling calorie intake, breaking the control of diet is the key theory of weight loss.

Women expel a large amount of menstrual blood d

Women expel a large amount of menstrual blood during menstruation, easy to dizziness, headache, pale, and even faint because of low blood sugar. A large amount of menstrual blood loss is easy to get iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, women should supplement iron-rich foods such as animal blood, lean pork, eggs, milk, fish, longan, and red dates in food.
5, eat the food of the body

What if the dysmenorrhea is serious?  Women should be nursed like this

Cold physique women with dysmenorrhea when changing hands and feet cold ice, cold sweat dripping, collapse fainting, etc., then need to eat warm and cold food, such as dog meat, lamb, chestnuts, lychee, brown sugar, ginger and so on. Among them, brown sugar ginger soup can remove the cold gas inhaled during the menstrual period, so that the body temperature can be maintained at a normal level.

4, eat warm and cold food

Dysmenorrhea is generally caused by poor blood flow or ectopic uterus that affects blood flow. At this time, you need to eat more blood-activating food to relieve dysmenorrhea, such as spinach, celery, parsley, bananas and other foods, are good choices.

3, eat a blood circulation food

What if the dysmenorrhea is serious?  Women should be nursed like this

Women’s lack of vitamin E can cause weakness in limbs, sweating, nervousness, and dysmenorrhea. Women with dysmenorrhea during menstruation can eat a variety of green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils. Vitamin E-rich foods include egg yolks, beans, spinach, canola, spinach, peanut oil, sesame oil, and nuts.

2, eat foods rich in vitamin E

What if the dysmenorrhea is serious?  Women should be nursed like this

Many women are prone to anemia during menstruation. Because of the loss of iron, it is very important to supplement iron-rich foods. Fish, lean meat, animal liver, animal blood and other iron-rich, and biological activity is large, easy to be absorbed by the body.

1. Eat foods high in iron

What if the dysmenorrhea is serious?  Women should be nursed like this

Dysmenorrhea is not terrible, it hurts to be terrible, this is a very difficult problem for every female friend, because coming to a big aunt every month means that you have to endure a painful dysmenorrhea almost every month. It is miserable. Want to know how to relieve dysmenorrhea and how to relieve dysmenorrhea? Let’s take a look.

Longan fills the heart and soothe the nerves, nourishi

Longan fills the heart and soothe the nerves, nourishing the blood and spleen; Suanzaoren has the effect of calming the nerves, can improve sleep; Lily nourishing yin and qi, nourishing blood; sputum, wheat, sputum have strong spleen and improve mental depression. The combination of 6 kinds of foods can improve the quality of sleep and improve mood while supplementing blood and benefiting Qi.
Women have less menstruation?  Try this bloody tea

Lily soaked in clear water for staying up late, jujube kernels decoction to slag juice, dried longan to remove the shell, add medlar, medlar, wheat and simmer for 2 hours with a small fire, you can drink.

Longan Lily Jujube Tea: Lily, Suanzaoren, Poria, Scorpion, Longan, Wheat

Insufficient blood is one of the main reasons for a small amount of menstruation. How to supplement blood and improve the problem of a small amount of menstruation? Try this tea.

Women have less menstruation?  Try this bloody tea

Some women have not experienced a small number of menstrual problems before the age of menopause, so don’t underestimate them. The lack of menstrual flow has caused many harms to women’s health, such as endometrial displacement, cervicitis, menstrual arthritis, menstrual rash, menstrual toothache, and menstrual asthma.

It has a strong anti-oxidation effect, and the red po

It has a strong anti-oxidation effect, and the red pomegranate with a more skin-squeezing effect has been proven to have a strong antioxidant effect. It contains a component called ellagic acid, which protects cells from environmental pollution, UV rays, nourish cells, and


slows the body’s aging. Studies have shown that ellagic acid is more “radiative” in terms of radiation protection than polyphenols contained in red wine and green tea.


Carrot rich in pectin is known as a “skin food” that moisturizes the skin. Carrots are rich in pectin, which can be combined with mercury to remove harmful components from the body and make the skin look more delicate and rosy. It contains beta carotene, which can resist oxidation and whiten skin, prevent the precipitation of melanin, and remove excess keratin from the skin. It also contains vitamin E, which is not too resistant to oxidation.


Cherry juice can help facial skin whitening and wrinkle clear spots have been beauty fruit since ancient times. Cherry juice can help the facial skin to be white and rosy, wrinkle and clear spots, is the favorite of many whitening products. Cherries are not only rich in vitamin C, but also rich in iron, 13 times that of hawthorn and 20 times that of apples. In addition to high iron content, it also contains vitamin A, which balances the secretion of the cortex and delays aging, helping to activate cells and beautify the skin.


Long wrinkles on the face, eat 3 kinds of fruits

As the age grows, it is impossible to stop the traces left by the years. At a certain age, wrinkles will also increase. As a woman, the aging mentality cannot exist. Actively resist wrinkles and retain a young face. What are the wrinkles on your face? Recommend 3 kinds of fruits for you.

The body is moist, can eat the above three kinds of fruit, ha

The body is moist, can eat the above three kinds of fruit, has a certain dampness effect. But remember, these fruits can not be used as medicines. If the body is difficult to remove moisture, it is still necessary to be treated by Chinese medicine.
Recommended to eat: direct consumption, can be dried soup, or seasoned with salt and pepper.

What about women’s moisture?  Recommend you to eat 3 kinds of fruits

Dates are good for qi, nourishing blood, nourishing the spleen, strengthening the stomach, producing fluid, and quenching thirst. Especially suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach and loose stools. However, fresh jujube can be eaten properly, and it should not be excessive, otherwise it will play a role in helping the heat and heat.

3, fresh dates – conditioning the spleen and stomach

Recommended to eat: directly eat the flesh, can be juiced, the peel can be made into grapefruit honey and then eat.

Grapefruit is a lipid-lowering expert. It is rich in vitamin C and insulin-like ingredients. It has the effects of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, losing weight, and improving skin. Obese people often eat grapefruit to have slimming and beauty effects. In addition, grapefruit also has the effect of enriching blood, clearing the intestines, and aromaizing and moistening, which has an effect on the problem of heavy moisture.

2, grapefruit – aromatized wet

Recommended to eat: direct consumption, juice, or fruit frozen food.

What about women’s moisture?  Recommend you to eat 3 kinds of fruits

Oranges are sweet and sour appetizers, and their skins are dried and used as “Chenpi”, which has the effects of qi and dampness, relieving phlegm and relieving cough, strengthening the spleen and stomach. When you eat oranges, don’t remove the oranges. The meridian meridians on these orangeberries have the effect of clearing the collaterals, smoothing the blood and promoting blood circulation. They are often used to treat stasis and cough, and have high health value.

1, oranges – qi and dampness

Heavy moisture, I recommend you eat 3 kinds of fruits

What about women’s moisture?  Recommend you to eat 3 kinds of fruits

The disease is from mouth, and moisture is no exception. Damp environment, spleen and so on are common causes of heavy body moisture, but don’t forget that diet is the culprit. Eating cold food and drinking ice water is the main cause of spleen and dampness. So what about the body moisture?

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