Secret! Women’s most want to love when they love

The relationship between the two people always needs some opportunities. As the saying goes, “the firewood is the most flammable.” However, in fact, at these moments, women are also easily confused and have something to happen. One: This girl is often more lively and her temper is more violent. It is often after a quarrel with a boyfriend, deliberately use a one-night stand to calm down their mood. In fact, their hearts just want to vent, like a child, the heart is thinking that anyway, boyfriend does not care about me, I want to deliberately anger him. In fact, she just wants to find someone to care for her, so it is often easy to have a one-night stand with a boy who can comfort her to find the loss. However, after a one-night stand, after calming down, I began to regret what I had done. Quoting Quotes: Men often regret not having a relationship with a woman; Women regret having a relationship with a man. I hope that this kind of girl can calmly consider three minutes before looking for a one-night stand. In fact, you can balance your mood with a more appropriate method, such as chatting… II: Injury is the root of girls who frequently find a one-night stand. From the wounds in their hearts. The most is abandoned by the boyfriend, and this boyfriend is often their first man, the first man who thought that he could entrust his life. Therefore, after breaking up with them, the psychological was greatly hurt, not to believe in love, so began to deliberately indulge themselves, using one-night stand to make up for the wound of their heart. And because of the disappointment of love, coupled with the hatred of their own indulgence, this complex feeling will lead to psychologically think that they are a bad girl, more indulge themselves, so frequently find a one-night stand. In fact, it is just an emotional catharsis. They use extreme feelings to release the gloom of their hearts. The one-night stand at this time is just a disguised self-abuse for them, like a wounded beast, but they are constantly tearing open their wounds. Let the wounds continue to bleed… I want to tell this kind of girl is: In fact, it is not necessarily painful, you can feel your own existence, in fact, you can change back. It is not easy for people to live alive. Please cherish yourself and cherish your body. Three: Lonely and lonely hearts often need to be comforted. When the long night, when no one is accompanying, the psychological loneliness is often the reason for the one-night stand-up of single women. In fact, the need for sex is not great, just want to find someone to accompany you and spend a long night with yourself. One-night stand is a kind of filling of warm aspirations and fear of loneliness. These girls are generally open-minded and advanced in their thinking… full of cravings for romantic feelings. What I want to say is, pay attention to contraception… Four: the pursuit of sexual desire. Food color, sex also. With the opening of ideas, many women express their desires more directly. They look for a one-night stand is naked sexual demand, often divorced, her husband is not around for a long time … In fact, women and men have physical needs for sex, so they are eager to meet their physiological needs through one-night stand. Freud interrupted in “The Future of an Illusion,” “Man is a low-energy, mentally retarded creature dominated by instinctive desires.”

Couples should not have sex with 14 “black moments”

Sexual love is a sensitive and mysterious topic. The joy of pleasure seems to be only experienced by the parties. Therefore, the bed, the floor, the bathroom and the sofa all leave traces of “love”. However, it is not always suitable. Make love. Since ancient times, Chinese and foreign medical scientists have begun to argue “what is the best time to make love.” In the eyes of the ancient Chinese, “the time of lightning and thunder” and “just after eating” have long been determined to be unfavorable. In the West, another Italian scholar in the 16th century pointed out that the best time to make love is to eat a meal. After the rough tea, it is best to be in the morning when you are not hungry or not sleepy. Obviously, having a harmonious and beautiful sex life, the choice of time can not be ignored. The following is a list of 14 “black sex moments” for everyone, at which time you can be careful and intimate. 1. If you have sex before and after childbirth, it is easy to cause uterine involution and uterine bleeding. 2, before the bath in the love to do things, love to clean, talk about hygiene, take a bath, of course, nothing wrong, but there are many people lingering for dozens of minutes of double bath as a prelude to sex. In fact, more than 5 minutes of hot water bath consumes a lot of physical energy, and sex needs to be able to reserve enough physical energy. In this case, sex is often shortened. 3, alcohol surface help after drinking, in fact, defeated. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has considered that it is a gas-stained injury in the drinking room. Although the excitability of the brain nervous system is temporarily increased after drinking, sexual function is temporarily reduced. Women may have ovarian dysfunction that affects normal ovulation; men have erectile dysfunction or shortened adherence time. 4. When you are sick, you are suffering from some serious organic diseases, and doctors who have been unable to live a sexual life may not be forced to live a sexual life; if they are infected with tuberculosis, they should also avoid sexual intercourse; Especially if you have a sexually transmitted disease, you can’t live a sexual life. Living with a sick life, not only suffers from it, but also passes it on to the lover, which should be avoided. 5, tired and tired a lot of busy office workers with a tired “stay” sex at night. Sexual life consumes a certain amount of physical strength and energy. When the spirit or body is exhausted, sexual life often fails to reach a climax, and the satisfactory effect of both parties is not obtained. Chinese medicine believes that this will damage the essence and cause kidney damage. 6. After an unhappy disappointment, the human body is happy, angry, worried, thinking, sad, fearful, and shocked. The seven emotions are prevalent. At this time, the blood and blood in the body are in a state of rebellion and stagnation, and the essence is blocked. If this is the case. Making love under will increase the unconventional operation of blood and bury a variety of health risks. 7, do not talk about hygiene in the dirt, messy environment, sexual life, will affect the mental state of both men and women, interfere with the success of sexual life; if the sexual organs are unhygienic, it will also pose a threat to the health of the other party, bring bacteria and other pathogens into The other party’s body damages the health of the other party. 8. This is the man’s favorite time to have sex in the morning, because most men are in an erect state when they wake up in the morning. But many women have the opposite opinion. Women pay more attention to the atmosphere and enjoyment in the process of making love, so they can hardly tolerate each other and kiss each other without brushing their teeth, whispering face to face. 9. “Five colors” refers to sexual life before dawn. Because both sides are not able to rest, the balance of the body is out of balance, reducing resistance; It also affects work and learning efficiency due to excessive fatigue. 10, “big aunt” when the woman’s menstruation period, the cervix is ​​open, when sexual intercourse is extremely susceptible to infection, resulting in inflammation of the uterus or accessories. 11. Men and women are humbled in sexual life. The man does whatever he wants, does not listen to or disrespect the woman’s self-respect, not only destroys the marital relationship, but also causes the woman to gradually become disgusted, eventually leading to cold sex, which in turn causes the relationship between husband and wife to break down. 12, when eating or starving, the gastrointestinal tract is filled and congested by satiety, and the blood supply to the brain and other organs is insufficient. Therefore, it is not appropriate to have sex after eating. But hungry, people’s physical strength is reduced, energy is not abundant, at this time, sexual life is often not easy to achieve satisfactory results. 13. Insufficient preparation, people who are in a hurry do not understand the special points of women’s physiology. If they are not prepared, they will be eager for sexual intercourse, or because of the rush of time, they will rush and accept the troops. These practices will not enable the woman to reach orgasm, not only will not have an interest in sex life, but will bring pain, which is the main reason for women’s sexual indifference. 14, excessive mental stress or shame is more common in newlyweds. Because the spirit is extremely nervous or too shy, it is easy to cause the male’s premature ejaculation, or the woman’s pain during sexual intercourse, affecting sexual pleasure. Try to keep your mood relaxed and happy. Especially in the female physiological period and after the production, the husbands of the spermatozoon should manage their own “eggs”. Don’t let the weak women cooperate with your “damn gentleness”. It is really necessary to spend money to buy the demand!

a series of changes in the body after sex

For single older men and women, long-term lack of sex is a very dangerous thing. Women will feel that they will become tighter when they don’t love themselves for a while, no, no, men often don’t have sex, and penis erection will problem appear. 1. First of all, the “small garden” will not tighten the small garden. It has nothing to do with the sister’s frequency. Therefore, forcibly stopping the small garden can make the small garden compact. Of course, you will not let the small gardens become slack, but it is still feasible to do more related exercises to strengthen the tightness. 2, the younger brother may not be able to rise. This discovery is annoying, but we need to talk to the brother who is shutting down. Stopping cockroaches is likely to cause dysfunction. An amazing result for the elderly experiment, all older people agree that regularity is very helpful for the male. Invasion and retreat, not to mention the fact that studies have shown that regular males can prevent prostate cancer. So even if you do it yourself, it is better than nothing. 3, the immune system is weakened, it seems to improve the body’s immunity (for the sister, this means that the chance of conception will be greater). On the contrary, if you open it once a year, the above benefits will not only be missed by you, but cold infections will make it easier for you to find you, and your immunity will get worse. 4, the desire will decline, although this point has not been fully confirmed. However, many doctors are pushing hard to promote regular exercise. They believe that once stopped, the body will further inhibit hormone secretion and reduce desire. However, some doctors also think that it varies from person to person. After all, some people shut down for too long, and the body continues to accumulate the power of the wild only to erupt. 5, easy to feel the existence of stress Many studies have considered that the pressure of a small number of people is relatively large. The study found that people who do not have a normal life expect a higher blood pressure than normal people. Especially for those who are used to using sputum as a means of blood pressure reduction, stopping sputum may affect your daily life and make your ability to withstand stress plummet. Three factors that determine the frequency of sexual love: Feelings: The feeling of a partner is the determining factor of sexual desire. If you are no longer interested in him or her, even full of resentment, sexual desire is certainly not high. Mood: A depressed, perennial person who is stressed and anxious, it is difficult to have an interest in sex, because sex requires passion and relaxation. Age: Studies have shown that male sexual desire peaks between 18 and 25 years old and women between 35 and 45 years old. Since then, sexual desire has gradually weakened. If the husband and wife are at different ages, the frequency of sex is likely to be inconsistent. At this time, the couple should understand and support each other. In fact, sex is not just the frequency of sexual intercourse. Healthy sex life The content includes masturbation, sexual dreams, play without sexual intercourse but orgasm, and they all bring an orgasm experience. 6. Cardiovascular health may be affected. Life is closely related to cardiovascular health. It not only helps the body to secrete hormones, but it is also an excellent aerobic exercise. If there is a long truce, the blood supply to the heart will be lacking. Single brothers are not unruly, run more. After all, you can do so, you can reduce the anxiety of lack of life, but also exercise cardiovascular.

How to deal with female sexual indifference

The psychoanalytic school emphasizes subconscious psychological conflicts, and they believe that some of the orgasms lack a traumatic experience rooted in childhood. For example, a girl who grows up in a broken family. If she is deeply impressed by her father’s cruelty and her mother’s bitterness and grief, she will form fear and distrust of men. After she gets married, even if she loves her husband, she is subconsciously The fear and distrust still prevent her from reaching orgasm. Coordinating the relationship between husband and wife Because the couple does not have feelings or the husband and wife are not in harmony, there will be no fun in sex life. The wife is not a vassal of the husband. Only by caring and caring for her wife can she gradually forget the unfortunate past and never express her dissatisfaction in her words. I can often walk, travel, and watch movies with her. More work in housework, more encouragement in the spirit, and continue to provide her with psychological comfort. When disagreements arise in life, we should adopt an attitude of seeking common ground and small differences and tolerance, so that the contradictions can be alleviated and resolved. Acupressure massage patients supine, the surgeon with the palm of his hand, counterclockwise to abdomen, 30 times each. Click on the gas sea, Guanyuan, Zusanli and Sanyinjiao points for 1 minute each. In the prone position, the surgeon refers to the Shenshu, Xinshu, Ganshu, and Mingmen points for 1 minute each. 5~10 minutes below the Jingmen hole on the left or right side of the palm. Then supine, the operator with two hands and four fingers from the inside of the patient’s upper and lower, five-star points, kneading from top to bottom, through the Yin package to the knee under the Yinlingquan point, repeated 3 to 5 times. Active communication to relieve chilling For a wife who is psychologically traumatic or mentally concerned, the husband should patiently guide his wife to help them eliminate their concerns. If the lack of female sexual knowledge leads to stress and disharmony, both husband and wife should actively communicate, learn sexual knowledge, understand each other’s sexual psychology and sexual needs, actively explore and try, and learn to appreciate and praise each other under the premise of mutual agreement. Sexual life should be meticulous, patient and gentle, and the foreplay is more complete, promoting sexual harmony. Do you know why women are cold? Drug experts say that oral contraceptives, antihypertensives, anxiolytics, antacids and antidepressants can affect female sexual desire. It is recommended to ask about the side effects of the drug and take non-hormonal contraceptive measures. The busy life of a family outside the home and several jobs, as well as modern life pressures can lead to changes in female hormone levels, disruptive reaction cycle, affecting sexual desire. Experts suggest that a reasonable arrangement of life, taking a hot bath, etc. can help relieve stress, relax body and mind, and improve the sex life of couples. Body shape is fat or pregnant, resulting in a change in body shape, which will cause psychological stress to women, which in turn affects sexual interest. Experts suggest that active exercise to lose weight, help to enhance their own sexy recognition and increase sexual desire. To the menopause Before the estrogen level decreased, sexual life was affected. At this time, the vaginal tissue is more lubricated, and the dryness causes pain, which in turn makes women afraid of sex. It is recommended to discuss the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy with your doctor. If the vagina is dry, use an estrogen cream or suppository, or a lubricant. Sexually faded experts said that the lack of sex of the husband can also lead to the wife’s sexual desire disorder. It is recommended that husband and wife communicate to discuss countermeasures and avoid blaming or suspicion. For men, “sexual negation” is equal to “all negation.” Experts with depression say that depression can lead to a sudden drop in sex. Some antidepressants help to improve sex, but some drugs can make it difficult to reach orgasm. It is recommended to consider psychotherapy and receive expert guidance to improve physical and mental health and promote genital blood flow.

6 personality life psychology experienced by women

In recent years, with the continuous exchange of cultures at home and abroad, Western culture has been introduced into the country in large quantities, so in terms of gender health, the Chinese are more open than before. Especially in some film and television dramas, the number of pornographic clips is increasing, stimulating people’s attention. Recently, some experts pointed out that women’s sexual psychology will experience six major stages, what are they? 1. Lips from birth to one year old. In this period, the satisfaction of infant sexual pleasure is mainly based on the lips, and the baby gets pleasure in sucking sucking. At this stage, if the lips need to be unsatisfied or satisfied too much, a lip-type personality will occur, which is highly dependent and gluttonous. 2. The anus period starts from the age of one and lasts until the age of two. At this stage, the venting function becomes the main target of infant sexual pleasure, and the baby is greatly happy from the excretion activities. The main task at this stage is to develop young children’s self-control through training on time and in bed. If this stage of psychological conflict occurs, it will cause an anal personality. Such people are not too arrogant and rude, or they are extremely pity and conservative. 3. The genital period is also known as the sexual bud period, from two to three years old. Until the initial stage of the genital period, the baby’s sexual energy is directed at himself, and his happiness is self-satisfaction. Significant changes occurred in the later stages of the genital period. Young children begin to point the sexual energy to the outside objects, the boy’s sexual desire points to the mother, called the Oedipus complex, and the girl’s desire points to the father. When a boy’s desire points to his mother, he must unconsciously compete with his father for love and hostile to his father. This kind of conflict leads to another complex–castration complex, the little boy is afraid of his father, afraid that he will punish his own love relationship, castrate his genitals, and the boy then gives up the Oedipus complex and turns to be assimilated with his father. The sexual psychology of girls has also undergone a process of assimilation from the father to the abandonment of the father and the mother. At this stage, the child’s personality, gender identity, and moral conscience have begun to form. This is the most important development of life. stage. 4. The incubation period After the experience of the Oedipus complex, the child’s sexual psychology enters the incubation period. During this period, the child’s sexual desire remains silent, and he is indifferent to the opposite sex. Most of the games are looking for same-sex partners. 5. Adolescence in the adolescent gonads increased the libido impulse, if the psychological conflict in the genital period was satisfactorily resolved, the individual will turn Libido energy to someone outside the family and start a mature heterosexual . 6. As long as the reproductive period can successfully solve the conflicts of all the above sexual psychological stages, the individual can reach a perfect state. He is mature in sexuality, social relations and mental health, has a strong self, and can control inappropriate Sexual impulses. Freud believes that healthy people in this sense are rare. However, some experts disagree with this view. They think that babies do not have any sexual psychology, and there is no sexual desire. Xiao Bian believes that this still has some truth. After all, all aspects of the baby period are not fully developed. It is too early to mention sex-related topics.

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