Chinese people pay attention to diet and health care . If you are fu

Chinese people pay attention to diet and health care . If you are full of good luck, you can also get the effect of “aphrodisiac and kidney”. In fact, the green onions, leeks, and onions that are often eaten in daily life have such effects, and they have many benefits for men, and even they are called “men dishes.”

Most popular with men, 3 kinds of “” dishes
Green onion

Studies have found that various vitamins in green onions can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones, but also effectively stimulate sexual desire, thus “aphrodisiac yin”. For men, you should eat green onions or chives 3 times a week, stir-fry, salad, or as a flavoring agent.

Most popular with men, 3 kinds of “” dishes

Amaranth contains protein, fat, carbohydrates and rich carotene and vitamin C, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. For men, fried leek or leek scrambled eggs are easy to make “aphrodisiac dishes” and should be eaten more. It should be noted that leek is not easy to digest and cannot be eaten too much at a time. People who are upset, cheekbones, flushing, do not want to drink water, red tongue and little moss, and easy to night sweat should eat less, and people who are allergic should not eat.

Most popular with men, 3 kinds of “” dishes

Onion has multiple functions such as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, diuretic and antidiarrheal, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. It is the only prostaglandin-containing plant known to protect the prostate. There are many ways to eat onions. If you want to give full play to the effect of “men’s dishes”, you can make fried beef with onions or fried onions. It has delicious taste and rich nutritional value, and the benefits for men are also obvious.

For men, if you do not pay attention to genital hygiene, etc

For men, if you do not pay attention to genital hygiene, etc., it will easily lead to infection of the genitals. So, how do men prevent genital infections in their daily lives? What are the ways to prevent genital infections? Let’s take a look at the precautions for preventing genital infections.

Men need to be alert to genital infections

How do men prevent genital infections? Here is an introduction to the precautions for preventing genital infections:

Urethritis: Most of them are retrograde infections, that is, the direct invasion of bacteria into the urethra. In the acute phase, the patient presented with urethral mucosal congestion, edema, or ulceration, urethral redness, mucus or purulent secretion, urethral tenderness and hardening; severe cases may affect epididymis and spermatic cord. Take appropriate rest when you are sick, do not drink alcohol, and avoid sex.

Prostatitis: often caused by direct effects of urethritis, or acute inflammation of other tissues and organs caused by blood and lymphatic infection, is a common disease in young and middle-aged men. Acute prostatitis is anxious, mostly manifested as general weakness, lumbar pain, perineal and anal discomfort, accompanied by dysuria, frequent urination, urgency, and even hematuria. Some people have decreased libido, premature ejaculation or impotence. After the illness, you should pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, control sexual life, and adhere to treatment.

Epididymitis: caused by urethral stricture, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urethritis and tuberculosis and gonorrhea, caused by retrograde spread. The epididymis is closely attached to the posterolateral side of the testicle. It consists of an epididymis tube that is bent back. It has an important role in promoting sperm maturation, storing sperm and absorbing sperm. Therefore, both epididymis may cause infertility when there is lesion. Symptoms manifested in the acute phase are swelling and pain of the scrotum, which can involve the lower abdomen and the roots of the thighs, and it is inconvenient to walk.

Orchitis: caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria and viruses through the blood, lymphatic vessels and vas deferens or epididymal pathways, of which orchitis caused by mumps is the most common. In the acute phase, the patient presents with redness and swelling of the scrotal skin and a significant bulging sensation when walking. If it is not treated properly in the acute phase, it can be converted to chronic orchitis. In the acute phase, you should rest in bed, adhere to treatment, and should prohibit sexual life, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

The importance of preventing male reproductive infections in summer, through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the precautions against genital infections, if you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the health online.

In summer, the climate is hot and people are prone to sympto

In summer, the climate is hot and people are prone to symptoms such as irritability. This is a big taboo for health . So, how do men face the midsummer? Let’s take a look at some of the considerations for summer men’s health !

What are the precautions for summer men

There are four main points for men’s health care in summer :

Notes for men’s health care

Eat lean more into the summer diet regimen important methods, such as breakfast, dinner porridge, soup lunch. Add some lotus leaves when cooking porridge, which has the effect of eliminating heat, nourishing the stomach, clearing the intestines, and quenching thirst; adding some mung beans or using mung bean soup when cooking porridge, has the functions of eliminating heat and quenching thirst, clearing away heat and detoxification, and producing diuresis. .

Precautions for men’s health 2, supplement nutrition, forget about potassium

Usually pay attention to add some nutrients, such as tomatoes, green peppers, melon, bayberry, melon, plum and other fresh fruits and vegetables; supplement water and inorganic salts, especially pay attention to potassium supplements, such as beans and their products, mushrooms, etc.; eat more Foods with heat and dampness, such as watermelon, bitter gourd, peach, ebony, strawberry, cucumber, etc.; appropriate amount of protein, such as fish, lean meat, eggs, etc.

Precautions for men’s health 3, get up early, get up early, add lunch break

Because the summer is getting bright early, people get up early, and sleep relatively late at night, which is easy to cause lack of sleep, so increase the nap. The nap time varies from person to person, usually from half an hour to one hour. For those who can’t take a nap, listen to music or close your eyes for 30 to 50 minutes at midday.

Precautions for men’s health 4, choose fruits according to their constitution

For people with bad stomach, it is best to choose a milder fruit, not too sweet, not too sour. Deficiency of cold and patients with stomach cold, stomach ulcers, it is best to eat less cold food such as watermelon, cantaloupe.

Tips: Summer men’s health precautions are introduced to everyone here, I hope everyone pay attention to good health and maintain a good mood.

Due to the hot summer weather, for men, the most antipyr

Due to the hot summer weather, for men, the most antipyretic method is to drink beer. Drinking beer properly in the summer also has certain benefits for our body. Let’s take a look at the benefits of drinking beer properly in the summer!

The benefits of proper drinking beer for men in summer

First, what kind of disease can be prevented by drinking beer in summer?

Type 1: Gastroenteritis

Drinking a lot of beer, damage the gastric mucosa, causing gastritis and peptic ulcer, symptoms of upper abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, bloating and acid reflux.

Type 2: stones and gout

Relevant information also shows that patients with atrophic gastritis, urinary calculi, etc., drinking a lot of beer can cause the old disease to recur or aggravate the condition. This is because the barley broth brewing beer contains calcium, oxalic acid, uridine and purine nucleotides. These interactions can more than double the amount of uric acid in the human body, not only promoting the formation of gallstones, but also Can induce gout.

Second, what are the precautions for preventing diseases and beer in summer?

Reasonable drinking beer: First, the amount should be appropriate. Adults should not exceed 300 ml per serving (less than one can), and no more than 500 ml per day (a beer bottle). It is more suitable to drink 100-200 ml each time.

Followed by moderate temperature. The most suitable temperature for drinking beer is between 12 ° C and 15 ° C. At this time, the wine and foam are in the best condition, and the refreshing taste is most obvious when drinking.

In addition, it is not advisable to have a meal with cured smoked food. It is suitable for eating fruits and light dishes. Peanut is the best beer to drink.

The above is an introduction to the benefits of drinking beer properly in the summer, and I hope to help everyone. Tips: In the summer to prevent disease, you must drink moderately, not overeating.

Many men said that the current pace of life is too

Many men said that the current pace of life is too fast and the pressure is getting bigger and bigger. These pressures come not only from life but also from work. So, how can men decompress? Let’s take a look at a few ways to decompress men!

Three sports help men relieve stress

How should men decompress? The method of men’s decompression is described as follows:

1. Sports for 30 minutes: Exercise is the best means of decompression. Zhao Jisheng, a professor at the School of Physical Education at Beijing Normal University, said that exercise produces “happy hormones” endorphins in the body and exercise for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Very helpful. Middle-aged men sometimes don’t like to communicate with people. They can use their sports opportunities to find friends to play, run, talk about troubles, and sweat while the pressure is thrown into the clouds.

2, often do three small moves: First, chewing gum, according to foreign studies, people feel the tension is closely related to the weakening of alpha brain waves, and chewing gum can cause the enhancement of alpha brain waves, help ease the mood . The second is to take a deep breath, inhale and expand the chest at the same time, and slowly close your lips to exhale, which can effectively ease the mood. The third is to pinch the ear and draw a circle, gently pull the earlobe with both hands, and draw a circle in the opposite direction, which is beneficial to the activity of the cerebral cortex and relieve stress.

3, more intake of three kinds of nutrition: research shows that when people are under greater pressure, the body will consume more than 8 times more vitamin C than usual, at this time, eat fresh dates, kiwi and other foods rich in vitamin C can balance the psychological . B vitamins have the reputation of “decompression agent”, which regulates endocrine and balances emotions. Calcium is a natural nerve stabilizer. If you encounter something that doesn’t go well, you may choose milk or egg yolk with high calcium content to calm your mood.

Reminder: In this society with increasing pressure on life, how to decompress men is very important. The above is a way for men to introduce decompression, I hope to help everyone.

In our lives, men’s hair loss not only occurs in middle-

In our lives, men’s hair loss not only occurs in middle-aged and older male friends, but also shows a trend of youthfulness. Many men aged 20 and 30 are also prone to hair loss. Hair loss seriously affects the image of men. So, how can men prevent hair loss? Let us take a look at the ways men can prevent hair loss!

According to a network survey, men who are 20 to 40 years old have the most serious hair loss, 20 years earlier than the previous generation. Among the hair loss men, six adults started to lose hair before the age of 25, and some students started to lose hair just after attending high school. Experts advise: young people in their 20s will lose 150 cigarettes a day, so beware of hair loss. The suit, briefcase, and slightly bald forehead were once typical symbols of successful middle-aged people. But now, the “post-90s” youth around the age of 20 are also beginning to suffer from hair loss.

Men need to develop good habits to prevent hair loss

According to expert analysis, the age of hair loss is significantly advanced, which is actually a “modern disease” and has nothing to do with the lifestyle of modern people. Reasons for male hair loss: bad habits such as eating meat, staying up late, hairdressing and smoking.

How men can prevent hair loss, men’s methods to prevent hair loss are as follows:

First, life should be regular, not too tired, too nervous, appropriate relaxation, to ensure sleep time;

Second, the diet should be diversified, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat more foods that nourish Yin and moisten the lungs, such as sesame, honey, white fungus, walnuts, lilies, etc., spicy food should be eaten less;

Third, wash your hair frequently, the interval between shampooing is preferably 2~5 days. When you wash your hair, massage your scalp while rubbing your hair. Do not use strong degreasing or alkaline shampoo. Use hair conditioner.

Fourth, to make less hair, the wind blown by the hair dryer is high, which will damage the hair tissue and damage the scalp.

The above four points are the questions that men introduce to men how to prevent hair loss. If you need to know more about men’s ways to prevent hair loss, you can continue to pay attention to health online.

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