For men, the older the ability will gradually decline.

For men, the older the ability will gradually decline. In order to enhance sexual function, many men have tried a lot of ways. Let’s introduce Xiaobian to the male friends to introduce several ways to enhance their abilities. I hope these methods can help everyone.

Five ways to enhance male sexual function

Ways to enhance sexual ability 1. Men need to add zinc to healthy snacks

Snacks are not a woman’s patent, nor are they synonymous with unhealthy. Men should eat healthy snacks properly, such as: zinc-rich nuts such as white melon seeds, peanut kernels, pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc., which are rich in zinc, can improve the prostate resistance of men. In addition, “apple therapy” has become a cure for chronic prostatitis, because apples contain a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients, and the zinc content is also high.

Ways to enhance male sexual ability Second, be alert to androgen deficiency

Women do everything possible to protect estrogen, men’s protection of androgens is also a top priority! The survey of Peking University Men’s Center shows that half of men over the age of 40 are androgen-deficient. Once androgen deficiency, it is easy to cause sexual dysfunction, depression, physical decline, and is easily affected by cardiovascular disease. Although male testosterone will drop by 1% to 2% per year after 30 years of age, smoking, drinking, getting fat, staying up late and other bad lifestyles, as well as huge pressure are the culprit.

Ways to enhance sexual ability Third, don’t ignore the snoring of the pillow

Studies have shown that patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. When a person sleeps at night, the cessation of breathing for more than 10 seconds is considered apnea, and the typical symptom is loud snoring.

Ways to enhance sexual ability. 4. Enjoy healthy and safe sex with him.

British studies have found that men who die less than one-time love in a month are more than twice as likely to have sex at least twice a week. To enjoy sex, you must do sexual homework first, such as regular swimming, which can make his sexual vitality younger than 5 years old.

Ways to enhance sexual ability. 5. Protecting the liver should allow him to eat more cruciferous vegetables.

Liver cancer is the first of the top ten cancers in men, but it often has no typical symptoms, so it is easy to be neglected. It can only be screened. Therefore, please be sure to check the liver function and abdominal B-ultrasound regularly. It is not a good thing to do well. Like to find a big belly man, fatty liver will evolve into cirrhosis – liver cancer, so please be optimistic about his waist size.

people choose to drink a cup of tea, some choose to take a wa

In order to ensure our health, some bad habits must be quit after eating. What are you doing after eating? Some people choose to drink a cup of tea, some choose to take a walk, most men choose to smoke and so on. These are actually bad habits that seriously affect our health. Let us know what bad habits affect the health of men after a meal!

Bad habits after meals affect male health

What bad habits affect a man’s health after a meal, the following is a detailed introduction.

Drinking tea after a meal

Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, and after drinking a cup of tea, the newly digested protein will be combined with tannic acid to form a precipitate, which will affect the absorption of protein; the substance in the tea will also hinder the iron element. Absorption, long-term cultivation of bad habits of drinking tea after meals, easy to cause iron deficiency anemia; In addition, immediately after the meal, tea, a large amount of water into the stomach, will also dilute the digestive juice secreted by the stomach, thereby affecting the stomach Digestion of food.

Walking after a meal

After the meal, “hundred steps”, not only can not live “ninety-nine”, but also because of the increase in the amount of exercise, affecting the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. Especially in the elderly, heart function decline, hardening of the arteries, and more blood pressure drops after a meal.

Smoking after meals

Some people think that “a cigarette after a meal, the game has lived a fairy.” In fact, this practice is extremely harmful to the human body. Because the gastrointestinal motility of the human body is very frequent after the meal, the blood circulation is also accelerated, and the digestive system begins a comprehensive exercise. If smoking at this time, the lungs and body tissues absorb the smoke greatly, so that the harmful components in the smoke are absorbed in large quantities, which have a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory and digestive tracts, which will undoubtedly bring about the human body function and the organization. Usually smoking much more damage.

Taking a bath after a meal

There is a saying in the folks that “full bathing and shaving” is also an incorrect lifestyle. After a meal, the blood flow of the body surface will increase, and the blood flow of the gastrointestinal tract will be reduced accordingly, thereby diminishing the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract and causing indigestion.

Reminder: In fact, many of the habits that have been circulated by the people have certain disadvantages for male health care. Through the introduction of Xiaobian, I hope that everyone can abandon these bad habits.

Smoking is the most common phenomenon in today’s society.

Smoking is the most common phenomenon in today’s society. Many people know that smoking is bad for the body, but it is still smoking. There are also a lot of “justices” about smoking. For example, a cigarette in the morning, a good spirit for a day; a cigarette after a meal, a live god. These are the famous words of the smoking industry. For men, the dangers of smoking are very high. Let’s take a look at the misunderstandings behind these “famous words”!

Is it really good for men to smoke?

Smoking is harmful to health, everyone knows, but the time, environment and occasions of smoking are not good enough, which is probably not expected by many addicts. Hazards of male smoking:

One of the misunderstandings: a cigarette in the morning, a good day

This is the feeling of some “old smokers”. The first thing they wake up in the morning is to burn a cigarette, and it is also known as “early smoke and refreshment.” If you don’t smoke a cigarette in the morning, you will not be able to do anything. You may even feel that you have done one less thing. Especially those who are addicted to smoking, often people have not left the bed, they can’t wait to swallow in the bed. Yes, open your eyes, smoke a cigarette, and make up the nicotine concentration in the blood after a night of metabolism. For those “smoke ghosts”, the spirit can indeed be “vibrated.”

As everyone knows, after one night, the air in the room is not circulated, it is very dirty, and the smoke mixed with cigarettes is re-sucked into the lungs. In addition, smoking on an empty stomach will stimulate the bronchial secretion of fluid, which will cause chronic bronchus over time. inflammation. There is a saying in the folk: “Smoking in the morning, returning to the West in the morning” has already sounded the alarm for people. Although it is somewhat exaggerated, it can also explain the danger and seriousness of smoking in the morning.

Misunderstanding 2: A cigarette after a meal, a live god

This is a very harmful misleading for smokers. After a meal, the amount of blood circulation increases, and nicotine is quickly absorbed into the blood, causing people to be excited and their heads floating, just like the “smokers” describe the feeling of “the gods.” In fact, smoking a cigarette after a meal is greater than the usual poisoning of ten. Because the body’s heat is greatly increased after meals, smoking will inhibit the secretion of protein and bicarbonate, hinder food digestion and affect nutrient absorption. At the same time, it also causes direct damage to the stomach and duodenum, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, increased bile secretion, and easily causing abdominal pain and other symptoms. Moreover, while the body actively digests and absorbs food, the absorption capacity of cigarette smoke is also enhanced, and the harmful substances absorbed are also increased. Therefore, it can be said that smoking after a meal has no harm.

Misunderstanding 3: Friends chat, drink and smoke

Many people like to smoke while drinking. They think that friends must have good wine and good smoke, so that they have a good atmosphere. Both are indispensable. Drinking too much, lighting a cigarette, savoring it, seems to have a lot of fun. But you may not know that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than drinking alone or smoking. Because alcohol dissolves in the smoke tar, it causes the carcinogen to transfer to the cell membrane. According to statistics, 70% of oral cancer is associated with both smoking and drinking. The most serious problem is that tobacco and alcohol at the same time make the liver metabolism function can only take into account the removal of alcohol and it is difficult to take care of other things, so that the toxic substances of tobacco stay in the human body for hours or even days, which increases the harm of tobacco to the body. Therefore, smoking during drinking is essentially a joke with health and life.

The above is the hazard of male smoking that experts have introduced for you. I believe everyone knows about the dangers of smoking. I hope that everyone can correctly understand smoking, quit smoking in a timely manner, and have a healthy body.

Underwear is close-fitting, so for men, its choice is importan

Underwear is close-fitting, so for men, its choice is important. We should not only pay attention to the fabric of the underwear, but also choose the underwear of the right size. It is too tight and too loose. So, how do men choose underwear? Let Xiaobian introduce you to the precautions for men to choose underwear!

How do men choose the right underwear?

How do men choose underwear? What are the precautions for men to choose underwear?

First, how to choose underwear fabrics is very important for men. Studies have found that the number of sperm in men wearing pure polyester underwear is significantly reduced by nearly 40% to 14 months, and the number of sperm in men wearing half-cotton semi-polyester blended underwear is about 9% to 10 months, while wearing cotton underwear There is no change in semen. In addition, most men who have semen changes return to normal after 4 to 8 months of replacing the chemical fiber underwear.

Second, choose the underwear must be tight, otherwise it will cause many problems.

Third, how do men choose underwear, the color of underwear should be treated with caution. Some people like dark underwear, but neglected that the color is dyed by dyes. Dyes are a mixture of various chemicals in one, and some contain some toxicity. As for the white underwear, it may be hidden because of excessive bleaching, which increases the risk of your attachment to allergies.

Through the introduction of the above series, I believe that everyone has already understood the precautions for men to choose underwear. I hope that it can arouse the attention of the majority of male friends, avoid the improper selection of underwear, and affect their own health.

For adolescent boys, the body is developing, so during thi

For adolescent boys, the body is developing, so during this period, attention should be paid to nutritional supplements in order to be in an advantageous position in terms of height. So, what are the precautions for adolescent boys to supplement their nutrition? Let’s take a look at it.

Precautions for adolescent boys to supplement nutrition

What are the precautions for adolescent boys to supplement their nutrition? During adolescence, they need the highest amount of nutrients such as calories and protein in their lifetime.

Before entering puberty, the difference in height between boys and girls is very small, and the average group level of boys is slightly higher than that of girls by 1 to 5 cm. However, after a period of about 10 years, the height of an adult man is significantly higher than that of an adult woman.

The study found that the height of adolescents in adolescence generally lasts about 3 years, and boys can grow 7 to 9 centimeters per year during this period, up to 10 to 12 centimeters. In this way, the average length of the boy during the height rise period is about 28 cm, which is 3 cm higher than that of the girl, about 90% of the adult height, and the weight will increase to 80% to 90% of the adult. Moreover, girls develop more fat during adolescence, while boys develop bones and muscles rapidly.

Due to the “rapid growth” of male growth and development, male adolescents have a greater need for nutrition. During this period, their demand for nutrients such as calories and protein was the highest in their lifetime. Precautions for adolescent boys to supplement nutrition Experts introduce you:

During puberty, the growth and development of male adolescents requires food to provide sufficient heat, and because of their increased basal metabolism and increased physical activity, they also need more calories to maintain. Therefore, the daily intake of food should be guaranteed. Enough heat and protein.

While taking high-calorie, high-protein diets, we should arrange the proportion of calories, protein, and carbohydrates required by balanced diet and comprehensive nutrition. We should also pay attention to the intake of various vitamins and minerals. Pay attention to the main and the food.

Boys have a higher appetite and a higher food intake than girls during development, so the intake of cereals is very important to them. Cereals include rice, flour, millet, corn and sweet potatoes. They are the main source of heat energy for the human body, while supplying a certain amount of protein, inorganic salts and B vitamins. Cereal foods are widely sourced and economical and are an important part of the daily diet of Chinese adolescents.

In general, male adolescents aged 13 to 17 should not eat less than 500 grams of staple food a day, otherwise long periods of time can have adverse consequences. Male adolescents grow rapidly during puberty, and all tissues, organs and muscles in the body grow and develop, so the body needs a lot of high-quality protein.

Animal foods such as chicken, fish, pork, beef, eggs, and dairy foods are the best sources of protein. According to the actual situation in China, if animal food cannot be adequately supplied daily, it is necessary to use the abundant soybean resources in China to take up plant protein from soybeans to ensure the daily protein demand of adolescents. Therefore, regular intake of soy products can not only improve the dietary pattern, but also increase nutrition, and the source is very economical.

The above is the precautions for supplementing nutrition for adolescent boys introduced by experts. Do you already know it? I hope that it will attract the attention of parents, and during this period, it will be able to grow better by supplementing nutrition.

Smoking is a very cool thing for teenagers. Therefo

Smoking is a very cool thing for teenagers. Therefore, many teenager boys began to learn to smoke during school. However, do you know that premature smoking in men is likely to cause diseases such as myocardial infarction. Therefore, the disease of myocardial infarction in today’s society is getting younger and younger. Let us take a look at the dangers of premature smoking in men and the common sense of myocardial infarction!

Male premature smoking is prone to myocardial infarction

The danger of premature smoking in men

Myocardial infarction can cause symptoms such as arrhythmia, difficulty breathing and sweating. Myocardial infarction is a geriatric disease, but it has gradually become younger. Adolescents also have myocardial infarction, so adolescents should also prevent myocardial infarction.

Male premature smoking can also cause myocardial infarction

There was a boy who was in the third grade. He suddenly felt a stomach cramp in the morning. His parents sent him to the hospital for examination. During the treatment, the boy suddenly had chest tightness, pain, wheezing and pale face. After diagnosis, it was diagnosed as acute myocardial infarction. According to the boy, he does not like physical education classes and rarely does physical exercise. The body recovered slightly and was slightly tired in the hospital bed.

Teen smoking, must prevent myocardial infarction from finding a door

Myocardial infarction is more common in middle-aged and elderly people. Such young patients with myocardial infarction are rare. The myocardial infarction in middle-aged and elderly people is generally caused by long-term disease such as hyperlipemia, hypertension or diabetes. It is a common disease. However, the incidence of myocardial infarction in young people is relatively low. Young people have a myocardial infarction rate of 6.6 parts per million. Young people with myocardial infarction, mainly congenital coronary artery abnormalities, abnormal blood coagulation, drug use, smoking; childhood suffering from “Kawasaki disease” and other reasons.

It can be seen from the above that myocardial infarction disease is not only a disease of the elderly, but many young people must also strengthen their heart protection and exercise properly to avoid myocardial infarction.

Smoker’s stress

Smoking is not only a risk factor for arteriosclerosis, but also a risk factor for angina, myocardial infarction, and reinfarction. In patients recovering from myocardial infarction, the rate of reinfarction in continuing smokers was approximately twice that of non-smokers or smokers who had abstained.

Smoking may induce coronary spasm, platelet aggregation, and reduce the reserve capacity of coronary and collateral circulation. In patients with hypercholesterolemia, smoking is highly correlated with coronary atherosclerotic lesions, and smoking can aggravate coronary lesions, which may easily induce reinfarction.

The above is an introduction to the common sense of myocardial infarction. I believe that from the above article, everyone is aware of the dangers of premature smoking in men. I hope that everyone will quit smoking as soon as possible for their own health.

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