Uncovering the truth that men like “sister and brother”

Nowadays, there are more and more people and sisters, and many stars are brothers and sisters. I don’t know why, I am slowly changing the man’s mate selection criteria and vision. Here are a few reasons to help you analyze it. “Sister and brother love” is not difficult to talk about, true love will not be tied by age. The men are now very tired, they are more eager for this full of arms, the gentleness of the sister’s understanding can ease the pressure and restraint of the man’s heart, so that men can not do without such care. In fact, men are like sisters. Many women will wonder why men like to fall in love with older sisters. The following are the 9 reasons why men like brothers and sisters. The characteristics of a mature woman are as follows: newer than mom, experienced, not preaching; sister is slightly full, sister is thin, malnutrition, charming and charming; Bao sister is sweeter than Lin sister; has a sense of security, does not pretend, sister will be happy, considerate . The social phenomenon of sisters eating incense has caused curiosity and concern of sociologists and psychologists in developed countries such as Japan and the United States. If you only start from a simple feminine point of view, of course, younger is better, but the sister’s experience, wisdom, warmth, and even the accumulation of fat exudes the charm of the fragrance, so that men are infinitely yearning, some people call it “cooked apples.” Deep scent, not the superficial scent of flowers. The men are now very tired, they are more eager for this full of arms, the gentleness of the sister’s understanding can ease the pressure and restraint of the man’s heart, and has a good therapeutic effect. Women are strong animals. As they grow, they will become stronger. Therefore, they will have more compassion and tolerance for men, so they will know how to be considerate and caring for men. Indeed, mature women are generous, quiet, and sexy, which is lacking in the little “girls” who do evil. Why are they confusing?

Why do you have to give money to your wife to have nine benefits?

Although the current divorce rate is relatively high, but happy marriages abound, the love of Lu Yi and Bao Lei in the entertainment circle has always been like a first sight from the university. Lu Yi, as a male god of high value, has brought us for so many years. A lot of excellent works, but people have been zero scandals outside. Therefore, some men worry that their wives are not reliable after marriage. First of all, they have to ask if they are reliable people. So why give money to your wife to keep it? 1) You should especially like to watch your wife’s money when dancing. The wife is happy, you are more happy. 2) Because you give your money to your wife, your wife is praising you outside, and you are a famous husband in her family. 3) It is very troublesome to go to the bank to save money every month and to manage money at home. As a result, my wife has handled it for me. She is very happy. 4) Avoid the trouble of the housekeeper, home water, electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone, cable, digital, baby calcium, cod liver oil, diaper, fruit, wet wipes….. It’s very troublesome, but my wife can’t help but manage it; 5) The family and you, your wife is infinitely gentle and infinite. Woman, you are a good point for her, she is still very good. For example, the wife of the chores will not let you get your hands off. When I get home from work, she will give you a massage. Of course, you have to wash your clothes once and bring your baby. She is always in the heart. 6) Although you have paid the money, your wife will never let you have less than 4 money in your wallet. You have never been short of money. time. Instead, she put money into my wallet, you “speak” that she gave too much, let her put less. 7) It is more in line with the tradition of Chinese loving couples to put money together. (Although this tradition is rare among couples under the age of 35), what is the difference between letting you put her here? We are the world. The most loving couple! What is the husband and wife? It is a blessing to use the pinyin. 8) In the economy, putting money together and planning together can better control the family economy and avoid waste, excessive consumption, and repeated consumption. 9) Wife’s income is much less than you, but in the name of the family economic lifeline, women, do not have a comfort! This also reflects the gentlemanliness of a man. The gentleman’s demeanor of the foreigner is reflected in the public occasions for other women, the Chinese gentleman’s gentleman’s demeanor is only for his wife, which is called Feishui does not flow outside the field. In most families, the financial power of the family, the man will be handed over to his wife, if the other half is a defeated mother, of course, another matter. However, women will live very much. It may be worthwhile to hand over the financial power and save a lot of unnecessary trouble. If a man is attacked by calculations in marriage, the woman will certainly not live with him with one heart. What kind of love and love does the husband and wife also talk about?

How to treat autism in the elderly

How to treat autism in the elderly? The elderly are people who are prone to autism, so the elderly need to pay attention to mental health and do a good job in health care. So how is the treatment of autism in the elderly? The following small series introduces you. 1. The psychological adjustment of the treatment of autism in the elderly should be treated correctly. Older people like nostalgia, always compare the happy life of the past with the current aging, and remember that the good times of the past will inevitably cause sadness. At this time, we should face the real life. We must understand that it is a natural law to live, die, and die, and accept the fact that we have lost loved ones. After a child has become a family, there is less time for caring for the elderly. It should also be understood that the requirements of the child are not too high. At the same time, learn to enjoy yourself and don’t rely too much on others emotionally. 2, the elderly living autism treatment to enrich their lives. In order to overcome the sense of loneliness, the elderly can cultivate more hobbies such as physical exercise, painting and calligraphy, and raising flowers, enrich their lives, and make themselves spiritually cherished. Increase interpersonal relationships. Old people should try their best to participate in social activities, make new friends, especially communicate and communicate with their peers, so that loneliness will not break. 3, the right amount of exercise for the treatment of autism in the elderly must adhere to physical exercise for an hour or so every day, accompanied by a walk, simple and easy, the effect is good. Exercise can also improve mental health, adjust positive emotions, and eliminate mental stress and loneliness. Experts pointed out that psychological adaptation, the most important thing is the adaptation to interpersonal relationships. Exercise has become a good form of promoting the psychological adaptability of the elderly. 4, the elderly autism treatment out of travel, the elderly usually stay alone at home lonely, through tourism can contact the outside world, the mind and eyes are more open; out of a narrow monotonous life, increase the taste, the health of the body and mind naturally The benefits can also stimulate the energetic energy of the elderly. Older people often travel with their families and like-minded friends and family. At the same time, they can meet many new friends during the tour. Old friends and new friends, together to spend a good time, can make the elderly feel more comfortable, and it is good for eliminating the autistic character of the elderly. Psychological problems that the elderly are prone to suffer 1. Depression: Depressive affective disorder is particularly prominent in the elderly, which seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly. The older the elderly, the higher the demand for being cared for, and the children of the “empty nest elderly” are not around, and the most basic needs are not met, so they are more likely to form depression. In modern society, people’s family values ​​have changed a lot. Especially, most young couples are unable or unwilling to live with their parents. The hope of enjoying the family’s happiness in old age is lost. As a result, bad feelings such as depression followed. 2. Anxiety: Anxiety is a complex emotional state that is afraid of adverse consequences. The survey found that the elderly in the community, especially the “empty nest elderly”, the prevalence of anxiety is very high, 27.5% of the empty nest elderly have anxiety symptoms, and the “empty nest elderly” anxiety rate is higher than the incidence of depression. The anxiety of the elderly often develops into depression or a mixture of the two, further impairing the physical and mental health of the elderly. Three factors affecting the mental health of the elderly 1. Aging and disease: After the age of 60, the body will undergo a series of physiological and psychological degenerative changes, and physical strength and memory will gradually decline. This normal aging change makes the elderly feel incompetent and brings some physical discomfort and pain. Especially for the elderly, there may even be cases of medical treatment for fear of “death is coming”. If you add disease, some older people will have grief, trouble, and fear. 2. Trauma: After retirement, the elderly will face various unavoidable changes, such as the death of their old friends and old friends, physical aging, and deteriorating health. Trauma has an important impact on the quality of life, health and the efficacy of the disease. Some elderly people are unable to extricate themselves from suffering and grief. Over time, they will be detrimental to health. The most common are the sudden changes in the surrounding environment and the impact of social and family relationships. Older people are often difficult to adapt to this, thus accelerating the aging process. The body is aging, and the state of health is getting worse. Trauma has an important impact on the quality of life, health and the efficacy of the disease. Some elderly people are unable to extricate themselves from suffering and grief. Over time, they will be detrimental to health. The most common are the sudden changes in the surrounding environment and the impact of social and family relationships. Older people are often difficult to adapt to this, thus accelerating the aging process. The body is aging, and the state of health is getting worse. Trauma has an important impact on the quality of life, health and the efficacy of the disease. Some elderly people are unable to extricate themselves from suffering and grief. Over time, they will be detrimental to health. The most common are the sudden changes in the surrounding environment and the impact of social and family relationships. Older people are often difficult to adapt to this, thus accelerating the aging process.

Why do single men don’t want to get married?

In the cruel reality, many men and women stop outside the marriage, do not dare to step into the marriage of the thunder pool, for fear of entering the besieged city will bury a sweet love for many years, ruin the happiness of the two. When I fall in love, I face only the pure love of two people, and marriage is simply a “game” between two families. Marriage was originally a happy event, but in some respects it was a “torture” for the groom and his family. From the renovation of new homes, to weddings, to wedding ceremonies, many aspects were undertaken by the man. If you are lucky enough to run into a fragrant woman’s family, it will be enough for you to meet a critical person. Just married, men are prone to conflict, this is not childish and irresponsible, but a normal inner impulse. Many families, especially in China, once men reach their twenties, their families begin to urge them to marry. This is the beginning of a marriage fear for men, because they feel that their ideas about marriage are not yet mature, but they Let parents at home urge them to resist marriage even under pressure. In some marriage relationships, many of the young men’s emotions began to decline on the day of marriage, which would be nervous, anxious and overwhelmed, so they wanted to escape from reality. Originally entering the marriage from reality, people will be at a loss to a certain extent, and the surrounding family and friends will make a vague concept or explanation of his inner thoughts, which will make him appear nickname and fear. Although after the marriage, I found that it was not so fearful after a slow discussion, but it also affected the feelings of both sides because of a psychological fear that began before and after marriage. The attitude and psychological characteristics of men in love and after marriage are obviously different. In love, men always form a feeling that women are weak, so they will generally care for women. Women are also taught to be dependent on each other and seem to be weak because they are always educated by the idea of ​​”doing too much for a man who likes it.” However, when the wife is married and ready to prepare meals for her husband for a while, the husband may naturally think that this is justified. If one day does not, he will ask in confusion: “Why didn’t you have a bath today?” In his opinion, “I am working, you are eating,” this is already a model. Until one day, the wife will ask, “Occasionally eat a meal outside.” He will start to groan in his heart: “It is a person who loves to spend money.” “I am so confused when I find such a lazy person. “Men get married, and most of them trust a realistic principle.”

Careful long-term medication can lead to cold sex

Maybe you didn’t expect some young and middle-aged men to be cold. In people’s daily life, if some professional men are seriously affected by their psychological stress, under the dual pressure of work and life, it is easy to produce coldness. The coldness of men will not only hurt individuals, but also affect all aspects of life, so we must pay attention. So, what factors are related to men’s indifference? First of all, because the pressure is too large. Because modern people’s life is faster and the competition is more intense, many men are under too much pressure, especially those with poor psychological quality, anxiety and tension. Because frequent occurrence of excessive stress can cause endocrine disorders, damage the function of the cerebral cortex, leading to low sexual desire, leading to the emergence of indifference. For stressed men, they can relax and chat with friends. Or date your partner to relieve stress. Second, it is caused by some chronic diseases. If men have some diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis or kidney failure, these diseases will destroy normal hormone metabolism, slow down the flow of blood in the body, and reduce male sexual desire, leading to indifference. Third, bad habits of life If men are chronically interacting with tobacco and alcohol, chronic alcoholism can lead to liver poisoning, which will increase the level of estrogen in the body, and the level of androgen will decrease, making the hormone levels in the body imbalance, prone to low libido. . Some men usually stay up all night, exercise very little, make the body look tired, and the body fatigue does not want to have sexual desire, so it will appear cold as time goes by. Fourth, long-term use of certain drugs. If some men need long-term medication to treat certain diseases, such as some anti-hypertensive drugs, hormonal drugs and anti-psychotic drugs, men who take these drugs will appear very cold after taking these drugs. Therefore, patients who need to take these drugs must take it under the guidance of a doctor. If the patient is cold after taking the medicine, he should communicate with the doctor in time and replace other items with the fifth, because men and women lose their sense of novelty. Some men and women are too familiar with each other because they have been in contact for a long time, or have been married for many years. Sex life is nothing new to them, so they are tired of their partners and don’t want to have sex. Therefore, couples should communicate more to avoid affecting their feelings. In short, the indifference of some men may be temporary. As long as the rest and good mood can be adjusted, the communication between husband and wife will be more, which is very helpful for improving indifference. However, when men are in a state of indifference for a long time, they should receive active treatment. Otherwise it will cause physical and mental harm. Only timely treatment can be restored

Explore the psychological dilemma of the older man!

Every time before the festival, there are always people asking how to do single dogs? Many older men and women work as an excuse for not to fall in love for the time being, not to marry, so that they become a man and a woman left unconsciously. Then, what are the psychological dilemmas of the remaining men, let’s come with Xiaobian. Let’s take a look! The women’s list around the age of 30 always sighs and can’t find a man who can safely “hand in”. Why? The men’s singles around are not too small, they are too big. The former is “post-80s” and the latter is “post-60s”. If a boy in his twenties is a child because he is not safe, then a single man in his forties is like an old house that has been idle for too long – dim lighting, chaotic furnishings, tangled Spider webs and the long-lost beams of the house will make women’s single emotions unable to help create fears that may be trapped in “black holes.” This is the reality of the older marriage market. When the “leftover women” have emancipated their minds and learned to enjoy themselves alone, the forty “leftover men” are in an unprecedented marriage anxiety because of the pressure of society, parents and colleagues, and become a “marriage madness”. “I used to regard marriage as dung, and now marriage looks like me.” This is the true mentality of many forty diamond kings. When they focused their attention on the young mm in their twenties and dismissed the older women in their thirties, they did not know that they had already become the antiques of the marriage market. How do men miss the “marriage season”? Most of them are blindly optimistic. He blindly believes that “the man has forty flowers,” the older the more valuable. It is this self-confidence that makes him always feel that the woman in front of him is not good enough. He either happily enjoys the love around him, or lives a single life, while waiting for the woman who is full of temperament and vicissitudes, even if there is no such woman in the world.

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