After 80s, couples need to keep in mind 7 principles

After 80s, they have gradually become the main body of society, and their marriage is gradually on the right track. However, since the post-80s period is in the transition period of the times, many things are not suitable for small couples to understand and understand. In order to make their feelings more solid and stable, there are 7 principles to be aware of after marriage. 1, less swinging the shelf. Don’t love your people before you put yourself in the same way as the saints (the saints). You are husband and wife, not outsiders. It’s okay to put a cool outside. If you go home, don’t put it on the shelf, lest you stir up the flames. 2. Economically, we must discuss more. Although you are married and have a life together, don’t treat the money in the other’s wallet as your own money. Money is money, love is love. Is it that she (he) gives all the wages to you is love? Then yours Love is too superficial. It is not the money of the family who is the husband or the wife, of course, to be controlled, to discuss the matter, who will manage the money to whom. 3, be diligent. People after the 80s have a common problem, they are lazy, and the housework is always pushed and pushed. As a result, no one can only make noise. So there is no way. Since you are living together, please be diligent. Don’t engage in hegemonism at home, do nothing at all, rely on the other side. 7, be diligent. People after the 80s, like a baby at home, parents are afraid of flying in their hands, and they are afraid of being in their mouths. Everything is like a baby. If you haven’t eaten too much, you don’t know that money is hard to come by. Especially after working, it is even more unreasonable to spend your own money. It is often the richest man at the beginning of the month, and the poor at the end of the month. The young couples still have to be frugal, otherwise they will find that they have no money at all. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel:

Sweet Love’s “The Song of the Four Seasons”

There are four seasons in a year. This is a natural law that cannot be changed. Love also has four seasons. In each season, the feelings of both men and women have different changes. Just make sure that every “season” love can be sweet and smooth, so that it can keep it at a constant temperature. The wonderful love of spring in love is the spring of love. In this season, you are full of embarrassment for your future, you feel that you and the other party will be happy forever. In the eyes of each other, the other side is full of vigor and attractive, and full of curiosity. You can’t imagine that you won’t love each other, everything is perfect, effortless. “One year is in spring”, it is important to enjoy a happy time, but don’t forget that this is a season of sowing and farming. A perfect dream is always easy to break. You should take care of this fragile feeling and lay a solid foundation for a bright future. The summer of love is a growing season. Through the romantic fire of spring, the couple began to discover that the other party was not as perfect as imagined, and frustration and disappointment followed. The giving and receiving of love and the sensitivity of each other are not as obvious as before. You find that sometimes you don’t always feel happy, you don’t always love each other, you may even suspect that this is not the love you expect. Those unrealistic, fantasizing that love is always a spring couple, began to resent the other side, disappointed with the current feelings, and even thought of giving up. >>>The couple’s feelings reflected in the sleeping position, however, A temporary difficulty is not necessarily a bad thing, because it proves that you are gradually maturing. Everyone makes mistakes, and in some ways, we are not perfect. You should start to discover some of the problems that exist between each other and work to improve the relationship between the two. You need to meet each other’s needs, because the other side needs your love more. The fall of love is always the season of harvest, and so is the fall of love. In the past season, you have carefully planted, cultivated, and irrigated, and all your care has paid off in this season. This is the golden season, which can bring you a sense of satisfaction. Of course, it is not that the love of this season is perfect, but your love is mature. In this season, share your feelings of happiness with your partner and share the fruits of love, which will make your love more solid. The winter of love will surely have a harsh winter in the four seasons you love. In this season, you are in an unresolved pain and depression, waiting for your results to be unknown. Whether it can resist the harsh winter, it all depends on you. In this season, many unresolved old problems and new problems will come to you in the future. The painful feeling begins to emerge. The only way you can get through this cold winter is to understand each other, tolerate and support each other. I believe that under your efforts, after the dark winter, the next spring will return again. It is because of hardships that your love is more stable. After this experience, your feelings will stand the test. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel:

4 tips for maintaining a happy marriage

Marriage life will never be flat. No matter whether it is daily or sexual life, there will be big or small problems. Only by solving these problems can we ensure the perfection of marriage. So how can we do this? Very simple, learn the following 4 tips to do it. One night love, love, demonstration, emotional story, couple, emotional, fun, help

Can marriage conflicts be resolved by divorce?

Divorce can actually test a person’s self-cultivation. Many people take extreme or other practices when divorcing. Most of them are couples who turn against each other and hurt their marriage. There is a cloud in the Buddha language: Everything has cause and effect. Therefore, there are certainly reasons for such a result. Nowadays, the divorce rate is getting higher and higher, but the high divorce rate is accompanied by the betrayal of one party, the indifference of husband and wife, and domestic violence. When the injured party ends this injury, it will naturally take the same approach to calm the anger of resentment. In fact, these are just times to treat their own people with their own ways. Through this extreme practice, they can calm down the inner part of the imbalance that they have suffered. Xiao Bian recommended: The Internet is the first big killer of marital relationship. Four secrets to maintain a happy marriage. Many couples are divorced after a long period of struggle, compromise, and injury. Both sides are exhausted and finally have to leave. But they always remember the goodness of the past, not to say that they divorced with good memories, but turned this kind of beauty into negative energy, turning good into grief and resentment. In particular, when the factors such as the elderly, children, and face were barely maintained, they were finally able to maintain it, and finally made up their minds that all patience was gone. The divorce in the eyes of the Chinese is the righteousness. After the divorce, you take your Yangguan Road and I pass my wooden bridge. Everyone always feels that divorce is a very shameful thing. When the family is shamed, they also hollow out their hearts. In order to avoid this feeling of humiliation, I will treat my former lover as an enemy or a passerby. I don’t want to go to each other. I don’t want to be in my heart, I don’t see it in my eyes, and I have no complaints in my heart. So many divorced children will completely lose one party. Guess what you like: Eliminate the contradiction between husband and wife, separation of husband and wife, loss of happiness, novels, one-night stand, sex, demo, emotional story, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel:

Couples have a small “fever” need first aid

No feelings are deep from the beginning. Older couples are deeply immune, because time has flattened the running-in between them. For paper-married couples, there is no time to accumulate deep feelings as immunity, to deal with contradictions. The wisdom is especially important. And the emotional “fever” specializes in attacking couples with low immunity. This “fever” refers to the contradiction between husband and wife. However, the attitude of men and women to treat this matter is completely different. Women like to ask questions and entangle themselves. Men like big things and small things. Women will think that men don’t put him in the heart. Men will say that women are fussy. In fact, there is nothing wrong with both sides, just because they have different modes of thinking. Xiao Bian recommended: Three male silk single husbands who can’t escape single fate dream of five kinds of lovers. So if both sides can’t correctly understand and treat the difference between men and can’t communicate well, then the couple’s emotions are lack of immunity. Force, it is easy to find a fever with this fever. It is easier to treat “fever”, more communication, although it is common, but now it is a lot of communication and a lot of communication; of course, when communicating, it is better for the man to know how to be patient, the husband can bend and stretch, his own Why can’t my wife endure? The woman who wants to burn in anger is to release. You are her man. You don’t “follow” who “follow”? Good men will also find the “New World” in the anger of women. For example, they know that they are wrong, and they know that they are not right, so they can start to correct. In short, the two people who “fever” need to cool down instead of refueling. Both men and women have the responsibility to bear the setbacks and bumps in their feelings, and to advance and retreat together and pursue harmony together to be happy. Guess what you like: Unmarried cohabitation is not reliable, cohabitation for love or love, sex, demonstration, emotional story, couple, emotional, sexual, sexual intercourse, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: Copyright The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!

White-collar palliative fatigue needs to be 4 points

Food color is also a sexual life is a human instinct, and for a variety of reasons, a large part of the woman actually produced a phenomenon of “sexual fatigue.” According to the survey, this part of the men and women, especially engaged in mental work, the age is not large, the health is good, but there is no “sex” interest in the heart. In order to get rid of the predicament of sexual life, we must do the following: 1. There is no standard in the same room, that is, the position of sexual life should be squared. For some couples, the monthly room is better, the two sides are also satisfied, and some people may feel satisfied if they do five times a week. This is an individual difference and cannot be forced to be uniform. As long as the two sides see each other with sincerity and understand their feelings, they will be coordinated and will not be confused with each other, otherwise a vicious circle will be formed. Xiao Bian recommended: the four major “honey tricks” to make the marriage invulnerable. The love of husband and wife must comply with the ten unfavorable principles. 2. Sensual contact is not necessarily a sexual act. Men generally believe that sexual contact must contain sexual intercourse. This is wrong. Sexual life involves many aspects, not necessarily accompanied by the excitement of sexual intercourse. Women are most aware of the fact that as long as there is some kind of thoughtfulness, it is enough. That is to say, when she actively embraces you, it does not necessarily mean that you are “realistic”, maybe she just wants to find a warm feeling. 3, plan to carry out the same room plan, only in this way can a couple of tacit cooperation. In fact, the two have set a “sex life plan”, which is also a very emotional enjoyment. For example, a man complained: “She usually likes to be in the same room at a very late time. I just can’t afford the spirit at that time.” The result is that “sex” is not at the same time, and sleeps with each other. It is obvious that the “plan” is very important. 4, play some romantic patterns when the two alone together, you can light up the candle for dinner; or two people cover the blanket, watch the moon chat on the balcony, relive the first love tenderness … … now many couples are still fashionable one” Lovers in the same room”, From time to time, go to the hotel to spend the night. Bisexologists recommend enjoying sex in a casual way, often in a relaxed mood, which can both dilute stress and increase the intimacy of two people. Love has no fixed equations, and sex life is the same. Guess what you like: Maintaining the details of the marriage secrets determines the success or failure of the marriage. The emotional story of the couple is emotional and helpful. Oral sex. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: Copyright: Copyright of this article It belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!

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